The Rise and Fall of A Second Obama Term

By: Tom Chatham – Author of Rebuilding The Republic

10 things that will rise:

Precious metals – With the continued printing of fiat money the price of precious metals will continue to rise in nominal terms.

Unemployment – The increasing government regulations and taxes will send more jobs overseas or close many more businesses.

SNAP – The increasing unemployment and impoverishment of Americans will increase the number of Americans dependant on the government for food.

Welfare recipients – The number of people receiving welfare type payments will increase as the number of Americans falling into poverty increases.

Energy costs – The governments war on conventional energy sources will decrease the amount of domestic energy produced and increase the price.

Food costs – The increased printing of money will cause the nominal price of food to increase substantially causing more hunger and unrest.

Gun sales – The threat of increased gun control and outright confiscation and the intrusions by government will cause more individuals to arm themselves not only against federals but the increasingly desperate people that the economy will create.

Government regulations – Government regulations will increase and strangle domestic supplies of food and energy to gain more control of the productive sectors for redistribution.

Taxes – Taxes will increase on most Americans to pay for government programs and for more fair redistribution of wealth.

Medical costs – Medical costs will rise substantially due to new Obamacare regulations and the shortage of doctors, many of whom have already said they would retire or change careers.

11 things that will fall:

Freedom – As the economy declines the less freedoms government will allow to keep a newly impoverished populace in control.

Productivity – Falling wages and fewer real jobs will decrease the production of real goods in the U.S.

Privacy – The loss of freedoms will include the loss of privacy as time goes on to prevent dissention in the population and identify those that need “reeducation”.

Security – The decreased defense capabilities of the U.S. as time goes on will invite attack by those that desire the natural resources we have. This is not to be confused with the false security threats we are now presented by government.

Income/wealth – The loss of jobs that cannot be replaced, lower wages and the destruction of the savings of millions through money printing will insure poverty conditions engulf a majority of the population.

Standard of living – The loss of jobs, lower wages, less production, lack of affordable homes and high prices for necessities will reduce many Americans to third world standards.

Asset values – The value of many assets such as homes , that Americans hold as a store of wealth, will decline as the economy reels from increased unemployment.

Product availability – Price controls enacted by government to alleviate the high price of goods due to money printing will cause shortages as manufacturers and retailers cease selling items they will lose money on.

Purchasing power – The printing of money will raise prices in nominal terms, consuming more of the populations money for basic necessities and leaving little or no extra for consumer products.

Number of doctors – The new regulations enacted by Obamacare wil cause economic hardships on doctors that will see many of them leave the field and seek retirement or other forms of employment.

Number of Wealthy In U.S. – The number of wealthy persons in the U.S. will decline as many expatriate to more friendly countries with the bulk of their savings to escape new government taxes and devaluation of the currency. This will also affect the job creation in the U.S. and cause further impoverishment.


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