When a Milk Cow Becomes a Beef Cow

By: Tom Chatham – Author of The American Dream Lost

Any good farmer knows that a milk cow can be a very profitable addition to a farm. The milk cow, over the course of years, can produce many times its present value in milk products. It is therefore to the farmers advantage to care for the cow to get the most benefit from its production. A good farmer knows that if a milk cow is not pushed for maximum production, it can produce good yields for as many as 10 years and provide good annual income for the farmer with only a few cows. Many farmers who maintain large herds find it is most profitable when they press their cattle for maximum production. This burns out the cows production abilities in a few years but the farmer gains from this increased production and decreased feeding expenses.

This should be a good lesson in economics for Americans. The American taxpayer milk cow has been maintained since 1913 as a good source of income for the government. Each generation of taxpayer has increased the size of the herd making more profits for the corporation. The government helped insure the cows had good pasture and plenty of water to feed on which limited the governments income but made for happy complacent cows. Now that the herd is larger and the governments appetite for large, quick profits is increasing, they need to push for maximum production, or tax money, from the herd. The needs of the government has now surpassed the need for happy, complacent cows and production must be increased to extract the needed funds.

Pastures of clover are now giving way to feedlots full of cheap grain. The taxpayer is being pressed for maximum production and a few wealthy cows are keeping up production for the rest of the herd which is slowly decreasing production. If these wealthy cows were to suddenly leave the feedlot, never to return, for the pastures of clover they want, production would fall and these milk cows would suddenly become more profitable as beef cows to be sold for slaughter.

The wealthy in America, whether you like them or not, pay most of the taxes in this country. When the conditions become such that they refuse to participate in it anymore, they will leave for greener pastures taking their money with them. This will leave a struggling middle class to make up the difference which they cannot possibly do. At some point the government will decide its more profitable to strip them of everything they have left and send them to the poorhouse for the last bit of income they can get. We may be seeing the beginnings of this type of liquidation now. The cost of feed is going up and the income produced is going down so cheaper living quarters may be in the cards for this herd before the final liquidation of all assets.

The taxpayer is important to the government only to the extent that they can provide money for the government largesse. When this is no longer possible the government has no more use for the taxpayer and will stop trying to milk them and just turn them into hamburger. For those that cannot grasp this fact, a study of farming techniques and practices may help to enlighten you to the reality of how the world really works.


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  1. Hi Tom,
    I’ve raised cattle, both for milk and beef. It is much better to be a milk cow. Thank you for this insightful article.
    All the Best,

  2. The problem now is taxes only make up about half the amount they are spending…..the other half is being borrowed, or not even borrowed, since the FED is simply printing digital money and buy Treasury issues with the made up ‘money’.

    A 100% income tax on all incomes over 250k wouldn’t generate enough income so the Feds wouldn’t have to borrow……THAT is how out of control the spending is…..so “taxing the rich” simply isn’t going to cut it.

    And the problem are social programs. If one cut out EVERYTHING the Feds spend money on, from the military to farm subsidies to national parks, and just spent the same on Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and unemployment, there STILL wouldn’t be enough tax income to balance the budget.

    No, they have created a whole country of folks dependent on federal money just to survive, and they can’t back out of it, nor is there any political will to do so….in fact, just the opposite…..they haven’t found a “need” they aren’t willing to try to meet.

    No, I don’t see any way out of this until the US buck isn’t the reserve currency any more, and nobody on the international level will accept them for anything. THEN we will have to live within our means, and it will be painful…..worse than a drug addict coming off their drugs.

    • Hello TnAndy,
      I think you are right on target in your grim but accurate assessment. I’m not looking forward to the national “shakes,” if you will.

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