When the World Comes After America

By: Tom Chatham

The next great depression will be worldwide and it will be deeper and more chaotic than anything ever seen before. When the whole world suffers it will blame the U.S. for it and everyone will want a piece of America for retribution.

The Nations of Russia, China and Iran, which will lead the Muslim nations in the Mid East and Africa, will gang up on America which will be even more devastated financially than most nations. The American forces will succumb to a massive attack that takes down most of our electronic equipment and destroys our high tech advantage.

The war that follows will become a mostly conventional affair fought on American soil. A massive invasion by millions of enemy troops will follow who will commit every war crime imaginable on the American people. The invasion will come after internal conflict, caused by financial devastation, has taken a high death toll among Americans fighting among themselves over diminishing resources.

The invading nations will see this as their best opportunity to destroy America permanently and gain valuable natural resources at the same time. This is why it will be mostly conventional after a possible limited nuclear strike to disable our military resources and infrastructure. To make matters worse, these invaders will be aided by elements within the U.S. government who will cooperate with these ground forces.

The battles that follow will be fought mostly by local and state militias reinforced by the few remaining active duty soldiers that escaped annihilation in the opening days of conflict. It will become a guerilla war fought in every corner of every state in CONUS. Alaska and Hawaii will be cut off and allowed to wither until they surrender.

The war will last for years and most large cities and towns will be destroyed to eliminate any resources that partisan fighters can use. The only civilians that will escape detention and death by enemy forces will be those that are hidden in rural areas and dug in deep to prevent detection. Any food will have to be grown in small isolated plots hidden from enemy forces. Every day will be a fight for survival as the number of American forces dwindle.

American forces will survive by becoming very mobile and remaining on the move. Small attacks that chip away at enemy forces will be the primary tactic. Only when an unstoppable outside force arrives to reinforce Americans will the tide of war turn. The enemy will ultimately be driven back and Americas borders secured but the cost of victory will be very high and the population will be greatly reduced.

Is this scenario a possibility? It becomes more likely every day that we proceed on our current path and if history is any indicator it could become a reality. Americans are oblivious to the possibility of any such turn of events but it could very well happen within a decade. The inability of Americans to accept reality and the need to continue living in the comfortable cocoon of illusion they desire will end in tragedy very soon. No amount of hopeful thinking will change events that require positive action. The lack of critical thinking ability will doom the U.S. to new depths of despair before a new nation will arise that appreciates our heritage and the sacrifices of those that came before us. Hopefully this is a lesson we will not have to learn a second time.


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  1. My first fiction book recently published at Amazon.com deals with many of the things mentioned in your blog post. The book is entitled American Rebellion Book 1 of the Revolution.

  2. Thank you. This is, however, not realistic, IMHO. You expect an EMP or similar to take out the Navy outside of CONUS? Air Force assets located elsewhere? There are 700 some odd bases outside of the US – will those be taken out? How? A limited nuclear strike? How would our ballistic submarines not react to that? And who is going to invade us? Guatemala? Mexico? If China, how are they going to get their troops *here?* Heck, we can’t even occupy Afghanstan well when we are totally unimpeded. I understand their are basically traitors inside the govt’ as well, but certainly not everyone, or even a majority, I hope. And perhaps what you write could come true. However, I think this is a bit far-fetched, and it is more reasonable to prepare for mor likely outcomes

    • Even with fully functioning infrastructure the U.S. would be hard pressed to fight a two front war. In a major depression overseas assets would have to be pulled home for lack of resources to maintain them. The loss of infrastructure in CONUS would make life untenable here and all the enemy would have to do is sit back and watch the destruction as we tear ourselves apart from within. Even if assets overseas are fully intact, where will the resources come from to maintain them in a war? Without the U.S. there is no NATO so don’t expect them to wage a global war without us especially if they are in a depression too. If we were hit by a scud in a bucket from an unidentified ship off our coast, who would we retaliate against? I agree I hope it never happens but the world is moving in the direction of another major war and it will be hard to avoid. When you are the king of the hill there is always someone waiting to knock you off. Something is impossible until it isn’t.

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