Does It Matter Who Wins This Election?

By: Tom Chatham

The U.S. population is more divided than ever before and regardless who wins this election you will see riots and strife and a declining standard of living. The inability of Americans to ask questions and do basic math has led us to the precipice of a black hole that will suck the life out of this country.

When the 46 million and growing number that receive food assistance and the millions who receive housing, social security, Medicaid, disability and unemployment assistance from the government have their checks cut off or devalued to the point of useless, there will be chaos unlike anything ever seen in this country. When the U.S. dollar collapses as the world reserve currency and imports of critical items cease and people cannot get the things they need, they will not understand why or care who warned them.

When people cannot pay their mortgage or rent, put fuel in their car, get electricity to cook and heat, or get enough food to survive, they will not care why but will expect government to make it all better. When government fails to produce the miracle everyone expects, they will go insane and become destructive.

Too few people today understand that the government has no resources or money but what it takes from the people and redistributes through programs. When the government can no longer print instant prosperity, things will fall apart. It makes no difference who is in the White House at the time, it will happen and it will be ugly. The only difference in leaders will be how much freedom we lose and how many people are killed outright by government forces trying to regain control, and even that difference will be small.

The inability of people to care for themselves and their refusal to take personal responsibility for themselves and their family will insure a disaster of epic proportions when the system as we know it ceases to function properly. It will happen and nothing can change it at this point. The only thing that can change the intensity of the coming crisis is a strong leader who is wiling to explain the problems we face in an honest way and prepare the population for the coming storm, but this will not happen because we will not have a strong leader with moral conviction to lead us through.

It does not matter who wins. They will preside over a nation in decline and will seek only to insure their own continued power and authority. At a time when we need a George Washington, we will have to rely on Big Bird.


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  1. No… doesn’t make a lick of difference. The whole purpose of elections on the national scale are to give the illusion you have some say in the direction of the country, when, in fact, you have absolutely none.

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