How to Convert A Republic Into A Dictatorship In Three Easy Steps

By: Tom Chatham


There are those in the world that think capitalism and free markets are the root of all evil and have an agenda to destroy these things. They ignore the facts of history that prove socialism does not work and free markets are the key to prosperity. They ignore the prosperity achieved in the U.S. when government stays out of the way. These people have an agenda and have sought the highest offices in the land to make their delusions come true. We are seeing this tragedy play out today in real time and little notice is paid by the population. The enslavement of a country can be achieved in three easy steps.


Destroy the ability of people to be independent

An independent man is a free man. When a person is capable of caring for themselves and their family, they are harder to control and coerce. The ruling authority must make everyone dependent on the state to gain complete control of their actions. A person must be denied the ability to produce food. Food can be used as a weapon against people who do not comply to cause obedience or suffering. The inability to travel will limit the ability to be independent. This will limit the ability to access resources and trade with others. The control of movement will control the movement of resources. The ability to provide self help for medical needs will limit the states ability to coerce persons. The state is currently engaged in a program of controlled medical care, forced vaccinations of individuals and the destruction of medicinal cures and vitamin supplements they cannot control.

The ability to be independent is attacked in three primary areas.

1) Freedom of food production
2) Freedom of movement
3) Freedom of medical care

Disarm the population to prevent dissent

The elimination of all tools that a population can use to resist an aggressive state must be eliminated to maintain control. The ability to speak out against the state limits the effectiveness of unbridled use of propaganda against the populace. The current declaration of anti-free speech zones and the co-opting of mainstream media outlets are the first steps in control of information. The current attempts to control the internet and voice communications are but the latest attempts at controlling free speech.
The ability of the population to actively fight back against the state must be eliminated to insure compliance with all state directives. The demonisation of protesters and their classification as potential terrorists seeks to silence any dissent against the status quo.
The lack of uncensored communications prevents the coordination of anti government actions to disrupt or disable state functions. The disabling of voice and text media during demonstrations and protests is the attempt to disable coordinated efforts against the state.
The need to disarm citizens is the last stage of control to insure the population cannot fight back with sufficient force to counteract government actions. Propaganda and false flag attacks can be used effectively as a pretext for disarmament of the population under the guise of security and safety. The demonisation of those in society with the training and weapons that can effectively buttress the state must be neutralized by any means possible.

Disarmament of the population can be achieved by controlling three primary areas.

1) Freedom of speech
2) Freedom of arms
3) Freedom of communications and knowledge

Take control of all property

The ability to control all property within the states sphere of influence will enable complete control of the population through lack of privacy and ability to control all materials that can be used against the state. The use of laws and regulations to restrict the use of privately owned land and control of what structures can be built will limit the abilities of the property owner. The destruction of the monetary base and the systematic impoverishment of the population can assure the lack of ownership of property. The destruction of businesses through laws, regulations, taxes and the destruction of the economy allows the state to gain control of resource allocation. The control of banking and the destruction of the currency units insures the population will not have the financial means to resist the state. The confiscation and destruction of savings and retirement accounts will insure dependence on the state for basic needs.

Control of property can be identified in three primary areas.

1) Freedom to own property
2) Freedom to own a business
3) Freedom to amass wealth

The ability of a person to own property, defend themselves, conduct business, provide their own basic needs and store wealth in a form government cannot destroy is the epitome of a free and independent person. The free and independent person is a threat to the sociopaths that frequently rise to power in government. It is these people that government officials filled with delusions of grandeur must destroy or ultimately control to fulfill their agenda. Once a freedom is lost, it is difficult if not impossible to get it back. The lack of eternal vigilance can exact a heavy toll in liberty and prosperity.


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