The Economic Event Horizon

By: Tom Chatham

We don’t know for sure what lies beyond the rim of a black hole but based on scientific principles many scientists are able to speculate what is inside. As you get closer to the hole the gravity becomes overwhelming to the point that you cannot escape. The last thing you see before something disappears into the hole is a frozen image of it on the event horizon.

Our money printing is like the gravity of a black hole and we have now passed the point where we can break free and head to safety. We will continue to get sucked in until we disappear in economic terms. We don’t know for sure what we will find on the other side but history is a good guide and allows us to speculate what it might be. The last image that will be seen on this event horizon will be Ben Bernanke printing piles of money.

It is too late to avoid this economic black hole. All people can do at this point is to prepare themselves as well as they can and hope they survive the fall. According to John Williams at, we only have about 12-18 months before we are looking at full hyperinflation. He believes it will happen no later than 2014. For more information on hyperinflation, see the 2012 Hyperinflation Special Report at Shadow Government Statistics.

The only way to weather this storm is to have a shelter, be it a McMansion, cabin or camper trailer on a small property you can grow some food on, a vehicle and some basic supplies to get you past the worst of the crisis. These things must be fully owned and sheltered from foreclosure or bankruptcy. I have mentioned these things before but it is worth saying again for those who are just beginning to realize the situation we are in. You must have resources when this is over to begin rebuilding your life. A weapon for self defense during the crisis and some precious metals to use afterward are also highly recommended. Those that can preserve even a small amount of their wealth will be in a very good financial position after things bottom out.

The Baltic Dry Index is a measure of shipping rates and it has been falling lately. This index is noted for preceding economic conditions and usually precedes them by about 6 months. This latest fall indicates there is another economic decline coming soon and how bad it will be is yet to be determined because this indicator is still falling. This is an ominous sign considering the Christmas shopping season is fast approaching and this is the time of year retailers import their goods for the holiday season.

The price of goods will continue to rise at an ever increasing rate. At some point many of the poor in this country will be unable to pay for shelter and food unless the government increases subsidy payments to them. Those that are not prepared to sustain themselves outside of the system will be destroyed figuratively as well as literally. The suffering that is about to visit this country may be the worst we have ever seen. To survive this you don’t have to be rich, you just need to end up less poor than most others. This means you need to have basic supplies you can use to get through the worst of the crisis. If you don’t already have a plan, you need to develop one fast and put it into action. Time is running short and the only person that will get you through this is you.

In the not too distant future many will look back at a frozen moment in time where they were well off and happy and wonder how they got here. They will want to return to a time that no longer exists and may not exist again in their lifetimes. Once we cross this event horizon, things will become extremely turbulent and uncertain leaving those that have not planned for it in a stressed and panicked state. Regardless of the resources you have or do not have, it is important to think about the approaching hard times and at least prepare yourself for it mentally. Clarity of thought and swiftness of action may be the most important resources you have if things fall apart rapidly.


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  1. As Chris Martenson says “The next 20 years ain’t gonna look much like the last 20”.

  2. all good points, tom. at this point, however, it is all just ‘shouting at the avalanche’ as i’ve termed it. i.e. pointless. i’ve talked to many many people about our predicament over the years, and they largely remain in denial, even today. interestingly, but not surprisingly, the more formal education one has, the further in denial they remain (fully indocrinated). the greenies who want to save the world are amazingly convinced that solar, french fry oil, bamboo, priuses, and cfl’s will save us; the ‘conservatives’ want to kickstart still more wars and burn resources as quickly as possible to bring the rapture… lord save us, lol.

    our specie is no smarter than yeast in a barrel, and nothing will change that fact other than physics kicking our asses back into reality… and then the cycle begins again. enjoy the show; it’s all good.

    regards, gregg

    • Unfortunately, I think you’re right Gregg.Those that are not preparing by now will just wait and see. When it all goes bad, they’ll look to the government to solve it and do whatever they are told. It’ll be a sad day for this country when it happens but they cannot say they were not warned. It looks like interesting times ahead for sure.


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