Is Civilization Cyclical?

By: Tom Chatham – Author of The Crux Event

When we look at the actions of the universe we find many instances of cyclical trends. The sun has cycles. The moon has cycles. The Earth has cycles. Is this true with everything in the universe? Is the universe even more, well ordered than we realize or can comprehend?

Harry Dent has identified cycles in human behavior. We live, work, spend and grow old in generational cycles that repeat with regularity. Knowing these trends we can speculate when and where we can invest time and money for the best return.

If the Earth has cycles such as glacial and interglacial periods, do these periods affect human cycles? Do humans prosper and grow with these interglacial warm periods only to destroy ourselves and civilization just as the new ice age begins, leaving only a few humans to survive and carry on the human race until the next interglacial period. The scattered remains of past civilizations litter the Earth and we are only now discovering artifacts that defy belief and cause us to question how long civilized man has existed.

It is interesting when we look at the many crises we are now faced with that seem to grow by the day. We know man has the capability to destroy civilization many times over today, so we need to ask, has he done so before? If so what does this say about humans and civilized society? If civilization is cyclical and we continuously start over, is it possible for us to realize this and understand it enough to leave a message for the future to prevent our own demise? Would our understanding of it break us out of this cycle to usher in a new age of reason that would break this chain of self destruction? Perhaps former civilizations have made this attempt but we have yet to find and understand the message.

Former civilizations have left temples and writings that tell us they existed and understood things we are now only beginning to comprehend. Is there a message in these artifacts that can help us move forward instead of backwards? Are we doomed to another cycle because of human arrogance? There is evidence that there may have been a previous nuclear war on Earth. Glass found in several desert areas of the planet indicate the sand was fused at a temperature of 3,300 degrees and lacks the tell tale sign of being caused by meteors or the like. It is the same kind of glass formed at the U.S. nuclear test sites. Does this mean anything or is it just a freak natural occurrence?

If we decided to send a message to future generations thousands of years into the future, what would it be and how would we insure it survived to be found? To answer these questions now might allow us to find the answers we seek to the past. Most people are so consumed with their daily lives that they are not concerned about thousands of years into the future or the past. They are only concerned about the here and now and what they can do to make their lives enjoyable. Are humans so petty that they only care about themselves and is this the road to destruction that cycles are made of?

If civilization is cyclical should we care and if so what should be done? To understand these cycles is to understand ourselves and the world around us and would allow us to use this knowledge for more productive ends. The human race has not been kind to itself or the planet. A continuous cycle of destruction can only lead to the end of humans or Earth or both. Is that the legacy we want to leave? In the end, will the universe really care what we do to ourselves?


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  1. “Former civilizations have left temples and writings that tell us they existed and understood things we are now only beginning to comprehend.”

    hello tom. i enjoy your posts; lots of great info. re: the above, i assume you’re referring to the various pyramids around the globe, submerged cities, glypths, cave paintings, etc. i’ve found some very intriguing info on this, but can you provide any resources that are particularly well researched?

    thank you, gregg

    • Good morning Gregg, thanks for taking the time to post. I find archeology fascinating because there is so much we don’t know about the past. One book I’ve read, The Orion Prophecy, seeks to prove the destruction of Atlantis and a coming cataclysm based on scientific and archeological evidence. It talks about solar cycles and that ancient Egyptians knew how to calculate extremely complicated mathematical problems based on a 5,000? year old document, the papyrus of Rhind, and how the polar field of the sun is only visible from our satellites around the sun yet the Maya were able to calculate the speed of this field somehow. Another book I have not read is The Mayan Prophecies which discusses more mathematical links. We often think of ancient civilizations as barbarians who lived in mud huts but knowing that they knew how to do algebra and linear equations raises some interesting questions. Higher math functions are the key to understanding and doing just about everything. It may be something and it may be nothing but I find it interesting nonetheless. Hope this helps you some.


  2. thanks for the info, tom. have not read those books, i’ll look them up.

    i know that many contemporary humans look at the ancients as barbarians, but i don’t see that at all. the remnants of their culture, architecture, structures, undoubtedly prove a high level of sophistication, artistry and intelligence, which i would say we far from match today (coming from a civil engineer). i think we understand only a tiny percentage of what has transpired on this planet, as you have pointed out very well is this article. and then of course, let’s not forget the realm of quantum physics and lord knows what else we don’t even have a clue about, and it becomes obvious we’re grasping at straws. over the last few years, i’ve become comfortable with this notion that we have little fundemental understanding of what this trip’s about… buddhism helps!

    this just in: collapse is officially on! check out this video… the “best” part is the “news” readers reaction: “what, me worry? this is perfectly normal, everything’s fine!”

    we live in interesting times.


    • I agree Gregg, ancient civilizations did some amazing things and this is only based on the small percentage of facts that we now know. It’s hard to comprehend all of the ancient information that has been lost over the millennia that we may never know. Speaking of Quantum physics, I read an article some time back that said 9/11 wasn’t supposed to happen and it pushed us into an alternate universe. Because of that, a lot of people that were dead are now suddenly alive again. It mentioned some names such as Kirk Douglas and I said I can debunk this story real fast because I remember when he died. When I did a search to get the exact date I discovered he is still alive. When I read that you could have knocked me over with a feather. The author of the story claims that the human mind operates on the quantum level and some people can remember things from the past that happened differently from different quantum realities. As they say, fact is stranger than fiction. I always try to maintain an open mind when dealing with crazy ideas and that article just reinforced that thinking. As far as the collapse, I think the severity of the collapse is directly proportional to the length of time since you last got a pay check. Have a good evening.


  3. i came across that article also, tom. stranger than strange. i don’t have a clear memory of hearing of kirk douglass’ death, but i could swear that he had passed. do you recall the year? the author also mentioned a few other names… do you remember them?

    it will be interesting to see if all is revealed somewhere along the journey… it would be quite a show!

    you have a good evening as well.


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