Ten Questions You Need To Answer Before The Next Global Depression Sets In

By: Tom Chatham

The global financial system is beginning to come apart like a cheap suit. When the normal life you rely on ceases to function properly, what are you going to do? If you do not have a plan you will be left helpless in a rapidly deteriorating situation that will put you and your family in danger. It costs you no money to think through some basic questions and come up with realistic answers. The sooner you address this, the more secure your future will be when things don’t go as planned. Everyone expects the government to be there with a safety net when things go wrong, but the government may not be there in the future when you need them or they may require things of you that you are not willing to do or give up. When times are uncertain, it is your responsibility to care for your family and that is a responsibility you cannot pawn off on someone else. If you have no plan or don’t know where to start, you can begin with some basic questions.

How will I feed my family? – If your income is cut off or your food supplier is shut down, what is your backup plan to provide food for your family and how long will you be able to do so? The acquisition of potable water is also a concern you need to address.

How and where will I shelter my family? – If you lose your job and the ability to pay your bills, will you still be able to live in your current home? If your community becomes dangerous will you stay there and if not where will you go?

How will I provide security for my family? – When the financial system breaks down, many who depend on it will become desperate. They will do things they normally would not do in order to maintain their living standard. Many will become violent as their comfort zone is breached by many unknown variables they are not ready to confront.

How will I preserve my wealth for future use? – If you have wealth in the form of paper assets and they are stored with institutions, you may lose access to them in an emergency. They may also become lost, stolen or greatly devalued depending on the circumstances. If the well being of your family depends on those assets, are you prepared to lose them? If not what are your contingency plans to protect those assets so you have buying power in the future no matter what happens to the system?

What will I use for transportation? – In a depression type of collapse it may be difficult to acquire fuel or get your vehicle repaired. What is your backup plan if you need to evacuate your family to another area? Do you have a storage of fuel supplies, an alternate fuel source or the ability to maintain your own vehicle? Do you have an alternate source of transportation you can use?

How will I provide clothing for my family? – If you have no income or savings, how will you provide clothing for your family? Can you make your own or do you have a plan to trade for what you need? Should you store extra clothing now for future use and how much should it be?

Do I have others I can depend on if I need help? – If the situation deteriorates, do you have others you can rely on? It may be a need for food, clothing, shelter or security but in a prolonged situation you will need help in some form at some point.

What will I do to earn a paycheck? – In a serious downturn that lasts many years, what will you do to earn a paycheck? What skills do you have that can be traded for the things you need? What equipment do you have that can be used to provide a product or service?

How will I provide medical services to my family? – If the situation is desperate and medical help is expensive or unavailable, how prepared are you to care for a sick or injured family member? While broken bones and internal injuries may require a professional, can you care for minor injuries and provide medicine for sick individuals?

Can I provide power and communications if the grid is disabled? – The financial collapse of nations can lead to the shutdown of major service providers or leave you unable to pay for those services. If you can provide your own power and communications during critical times, it can provide you with information and capabilities to keep your family safe. Even a solar panel, 12v battery and small power inverter can give you many capabilities.

Once you have answered these questions in as much detail as possible you will have the outline for a basic plan to follow. As you answer these questions, more questions will arise that will lead to more detailed planning. Planning is a continuous process that develops more capabilities as you progress. In the future, the more capabilities you have, the easier it will be to navigate the disruptions in society that you are likely to encounter.


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  1. Food/water: In addition to about 3 years worth of stored Mt House and Walton Feed items, we grow much of our own now, including extensive garden, small orchard, beef, chicken/eggs, fish, pigs. Could do all if needed, but variety would suffer some. We root cellar, dry and can a lot now. ( I think 2 quart jars per adult per day for a year + 5-8yrs of lids is a minimum ) Have 4 freezers, home built walk-in cooler in meat cutting room, etc. Water is gravity fed spring w/3000gal storage tanks. Drilled well as backup.

    Shelter: Built home ourselves 25 years ago, a lot out of lumber cut off the place. Super insulated ( 10″ walls, etc ), takes little to heat. Heat is wood stove. Paid cash as we built using proceeds from previous house in town we also built ourselves. Had owner financed mortgage on land, but paid that off 15 years ago. Numerous barns/sheds on property, self built, using wood off property run thru our Woodmizer sawmill.

    Security: Sold adjoining property to like minded neighbor to help here. Live in a small valley with only two access points ( roadwise ), easily blocked off by falling timber ( in fact, winter weather often isolates us naturally ) Organized some neighbors into like minded thinking. On site, wireless alert system in place ( Dakota Alert ), run thousands of feet of fiber optic cable and camera system ( w/night ability ). Well equipped in small arms/etc. PSV-14 for star gazing.

    Wealth preservation: Wife’s state pension is the weakest link, but well backed up in terms of other real money, and such. We have accepted hers may be a write off. I was most always self employed and saw the handwriting on the wall in the Clintoon years about tax sheltered accounts ( IRA/etc )….that either they would inflate the value of them away, or outright steal them when Social Security hit the fan, and got out of that game many years ago.

    Transport: Do store quite a bit of fuel (55gal drums w/PRI ), but plan A is simply quit going to town for a LONG time. Fuel would be far better put to use in tractor, diesel garden tiller, and chainsaws.

    Clothing: Store a lot of extra. Duluth Trading Co is one of my favorite places to shop. Wife is retired Home Ec teacher, well stocked with cloth, thread/etc and well versed in knitting/etc.

    Others: Somewhat touched in Security, but the last few years spent organizing near by liked minded folks in a Social Club….that could turn real Un-social as required.

    Paycheck: Don’t really need one. Plenty of ‘local’ savings. Stop going to town, cut off the phone and SatTV, a few luxuries, some insurances, and basically we’d have no need of money.

    Medical: Can do much ourselves. Stock quite a bit of stuff. Done most of our own vet work for years ( you ain’t lived until you’ve pulled breach calves and have to “jumpstart” them…..mouth to nose to get ’em going ). Can’t run our own ER, but not helpless by any means. And something is gonna kill you in the end, be a real shame to die 100% healthy.

    Power: 6kw solar setup w/battery backup. ( also grid tied, no electric bill ) Couple generators, including a nice older 1800rpm Onan I’m converting to propane. Store lots of propane ( 3-500gal tanks+ bunch of 100lb tanks, we use about 300gal/yr for cooking/water heating ), keep 6-10 cords of wood cut ahead for heating and backup cooking (wood cook stove). Have home built wood fired water heater for backup there.
    Local comm: Army surplus field telephones. Wire is already strung, compliments of Ma Bell…..just cut the line going to town, and use the wiring already run in everybody’s house.
    Area wide: CB radios
    WAY out there: Neighbor is a ham

    Do we still have some holes? Sure…but as the years go on, there are less of them. Would we miss the world if it went away ? Sure…..I like Kristy Kreme and KFC as well as the next guy….but I can live without them.

    I always remember an old Special Forces buddy of mine that used to play on the Boy Scout motto, and say “To be prepared is not”…..meaning no matter what you think, you’ll never get it ALL covered, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying.

    • TnAndy, sounds like life is good at your place, and I’m glad to here it. If more people were as well prepared this country would be in a lot better shape.


  2. Great idea if your whole family goes for it. If they do not would you want to live without them.???

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