Representation Without Taxation: The Coming Tax Revolt

By: Tom Chatham – Author of The American Dream Lost

Taxation has always been a way for governments to raise money and control the population. In a truly free society, the people volunteer or donate the necessary funds to provide for the communities needs. There is no need to forcibly extract money from citizens to accomplish those goals that the citizens deem necessary. This forced extraction of wealth always leads to graft, corruption and more poverty.

When someone takes money from their own pocket and gives it to someone in need, it is a noble thing, but when someone else takes money from your pocket and gives it to those that they think are deserving, it is a despicable act that must be challenged.

There are times when people need help to get back on their feet and society has already provided the means to help these people.
The first source of help comes from family and friends. These are the people closest to you that want to see you succeed and are willing to help even if it means some personal deprivation for them.
The second source is your church or religious organization. These people see it as their moral obligation to assist their congregation when they are in need.
The third source is the charity organizations that are found nationwide. These people take pride in helping those that have been unable to get the needed help from the first two groups and they regularly seek donations from the general population to render this assistance.
These sources have in the past provided the help the average person needed to correct their situation and this gave these organizations an incredible amount of power with the population. Over the years the government at all levels have done everything possible to harness this power from these organizations for their own machinations while attempting to destroy these sources of self help and replace them with tax money. There has been a war against family, churches and charity organizations for years to usurp this power and control it for political purposes.

When someone can arbitrarily decide what you should pay, it eventually devolves into a corrupt racket that is used as force to keep people in line. Today, the working class spends almost 5 months of their time and labor every year to provide for others through enforced taxation. This is not an exercise in nobility but theft in its purist form. One segment of society is forcibly taking from another segment in order to have an easier lifestyle. At some point in the future this will end. It will end because the working class is being taxed into poverty and at some point will decide not to continue working to support others.

Many will argue that taxes are necessary to build infrastructure for the masses. In a free society, the government presents the potential need to the people with the potential cost and the people decide whether it is worth the cost they must pay. Current government operates by taxing and then deciding what to spend the collected money on, in many cases wasting it on questionable projects that provide no benefit to the masses. Much of this money goes to selected groups in the form of grants, subsidies or benefits. Almost half of the people in the U.S. pay no taxes and most of these people pay little or no property tax because they own little or nothing. To someone that pays no property tax, it makes no difference to them if the tax rate is doubled or tripled on property just as long as they continue to receive their benefits. These people do not suffer the same as property owners who must produce more just to keep what they have.

State and local governments are spending more and collecting less in taxes which is putting them in a precarious situation. They must either spend less or tax more and the voting public is in large part receiving benefits that they do not want to decrease. The only option for politicians is to raise property taxes on land owners to make up the difference. At a time when property values are dropping and should provide some relief to taxpayers, governments are raising taxes to make up the shortfall. If a land owner fails to pay their taxes the government will simply take the property and sell it for taxes and the new owner will pay the new tax rates. It makes no difference to the government who owns the land as long as they pay for the government largesse.

At the national level an even more sinister plan is taking root. When the federal government gets to the end of its rope it will add more by seizing all retirement accounts which amount to trillions of dollars. These accounts will be converted into government annuities held in U.S. Treasury bonds. If the U.S Dollar crashes, these will become worthless and the taxpayers will lose their retirement savings. There is also talk that when these annuities are paid out, those that have more than their fair share of savings will have some of their annuity redistributed to the less fortunate. For those that think this will never happen, a recess hearing was held by Senate Democrats in October 2010 to discuss this very issue.

At some point there will be a tax revolt of epic proportions and it will likely start with the farming community. Farms can generate a high dollar volume of products but most of that money is eaten away by operating expenses which can be very high. Most farmers are left with just enough to provide a modest lifestyle for their family. Many of these farmers are working land handed down to them by their family. Farming is not something you go into to get rich, it is a lifestyle choice. These family farmers can accept losing their land because they failed at farming but they will not accept losing it as a result of inflated taxes just to keep the government solvent a little while longer. When this revolt finally comes it will likely be bloody because the only thing that government will respond to is force. The takers in society have been bleeding the producers for too long and it will soon come to an end, most likely in a violent way. Those receiving the government largesse will fight to keep it and those paying for it will fight to stop it. It is bound to happen. It always does at some point. Corruption and failure is guaranteed. It is the epitaph of all corrupt governments in history.

Our forefathers made one mistake. What they should have fought for was representation without taxation. –Fletcher Knebel, historian


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