Could The U.S. Government Dissolve Itself?

By: Tom Chatham – Author of The American Dream Lost

It is the belief in many circles that at some point in the future the U.S. government will suspend the U.S. Constitution under a declaration of Martial Law. If they do that, under what authority will they continue to rule over the U.S.

After our victory in the American Revolution, These United States formed a loose confederation and conducted their business as individual states both internally and externally. This resulted in many difficulties in every day life for the newly independent states. To better coordinate the needs of the states they consolidated some of their power into a central government that would oversee the larger issues while allowing the individual states to conduct their own business as they saw fit. The document signed by the states giving the Federal Government its powers was the U.S. Constitution. This document also provided the authority to establish a standing army and to coin money.

The interesting thing is, if the U.S. Constitution is no longer in effect for whatever reason, where would the Federal Government and the U.S. Military get the authority to do anything on American soil? Technically, the Federal Government only owns the area known as the District of Columbia. All federal laws originate with the U.S. Constitution, so a suspended U.S. Constitution means all federal laws are also null and void. With no constitution, there would be no legal authority backing the U.S. Dollar.

With no active constitution, the Federal Government and U.S. Military would be operating similar to an organized criminal element by rule of force and nothing more. Under that scenario, whoever has the most force gets to make the rules.

The moment the Feds decide to suspend the U.S. Constitution the individual states would once again become independent nations of their own and any intervention by the former Federal Government or military could be seen as an invasion by a foreign power and the states would have the right to defend themselves by any means necessary.

By suspending the U.S. Constitution, the government would be dissolving its authority to exist along with that of the U.S. Military. Once it is suspended it can only be legally reactivated by a constitutional convention of the states. Dare we hope the U.S. Government is stupid enough to do something like this?

In a situation like this, the moral and legal authority of the states should prevail but it will only happen with the support of the people. The government can only do what the people allow it to do and nothing more. The sad fact is, if this should happen most people would continue to do whatever the Federal Government says without question and that is what the Feds would be hoping. If the population were to suddenly question the power of the government, they would suddenly lose a great deal of their power over the population.

It has been said that on 9/11 COG protocol was enacted thus overriding the U.S. Constitution. A declaration of emergency is supposed to be reviewed by Congress every 6 months to decide whether to cancel the emergency declaration or extend it another 6 months. In the 11 years since 9/11, Congress has not met a single time to review this declaration which has been renewed every year by Bush and Obama alike. This may be why President Obama has been able to sidestep Congress on numerous occasions without intervention by Congress.

There are those in the Federal Government that want to do away with the constitution but remain in an authoritarian position and this is where a potential revolution could result. While many would bow to the Feds there are many who would understand the significance of the situation and prepare to fight for their rights. War is the continuation of politics by other means. When all else fails, hopefully the people of the U.S. will apply the necessary political pressure at the appropriate pressure points to resolve the issues of the day.

Consider this. If the U.S. had a national referendum and a majority of the states voted to abolish the Federal Government, would it suddenly cease to have any jurisdiction over the states and go gentle into that good night, or would they fight the citizens with everything they have to remain in power? Only an educated populace can preserve and protect the liberty we enjoy.

“The great questions of the day will be decided, not by speeches and majority votes … but by blood and iron.”
– Bismark

“ This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or the revolutionary right to dismember or overthrow it.”
– Abraham Lincoln


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