May You Live In Interesting Times

By: Tom Chatham – Author of The American Dream Lost

There is an old Chinese curse that states ” May you live in interesting times “. Let’s see where we are.

The government is becoming more hostile every day and on the verge of turning into a dictatorship.

The crops are drying up in many parts of the country.

The gulf will take decades to recover from the BP oil spill.

The Federal Reserve is destroying our currency.

Our production capability and jobs are going overseas.

The U.S. is trying to pick a fight with anyone it thinks it can beat, which are mainly the little third world nations, and victory still isn’t guaranteed.

The reactors in Japan are spewing radiation all over the world and into the ocean.

The economy is in the tank and no one can find a decent job.

Almost 50 million Americans need food stamps in order to feed themselves.

You cannot get on a plane without getting molested by the government.

You cannot film a cop without getting arrested.

We need cheap energy but the government won’t let us drill.

You cannot drink raw milk but processed foods with lots of sugar and salt are almost becoming mandatory.

GMO crops are destroying our heritage seeds and causing health problems in most who eat them.

You cannot grow food in your yard without government employees destroying it.

The government wants to take away your guns.

Thousands of people are homeless at a time when homes are being destroyed just to get rid of them.

You have no free speech in certain areas.

The government can now force you to buy things you don’t want.

The sun may be preparing to initiate widespread damage to our electronic infrastructure.

Long dormant volcanoes are waking up.

Earthquakes are increasing worldwide.

Our fresh water supplies are drying up.

The government is setting up a total surveillance grid to watch you 24/7.

You are no longer safe in your own home, even from the cops.

You cannot believe anything a politician tells you, even more so than usual.

Our cities are decaying and the population is getting more violent.

The main stream media is nothing more than a propaganda organ for the government.

Our moral values have all but vanished.

Religion is under attack worldwide, especially Christianity.

It is now a crime to store food and prepare for disasters.

If you are an illegal alien or Muslim extremist you are protected by law but if you believe in defending the constitution you are a potential terrorist.

Over 50% of the population thinks the government will take care of them if a major disaster happens.

Many Americans are now living in a pre-revolutionary state of mind.

Is it getting interesting yet?


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