Only Hard Assets Will Save You

By: Tom Chatham – Author of The American dream Lost

Those that place their faith in the government or in the paper assets they own will probably not survive financially over the next several years. Historical events are about to overtake the human race and few are prepared to handle it. Those that ignore the warning signs and pretend everything will work out as always will be left destitute and broken with no way to care for their family or themselves. For many this will be a death sentence they failed to take seriously.

When everything around you is falling apart, it is imperative that you have 5 items to get you through. Water, food, shelter, clothing and security are the only things that matter on a daily basis when civilization is failing and society is going mad. The only thing you need to worry about when civilization crumbles is how do you get to the other side where things get better?

Only those that have hard assets and know how to use them will weather the storm. Fully owned assets, most of which are portable, will give you the ability to protect your family from the devastation as it rolls across the countryside destroying everything that took decades to build. When the destruction is over, only those that were prepared will have the ability to move forward and start the rebuilding process. This will require knowledge and equipment that will reestablish production and commerce and begin the wealth creation anew.

Only hard assets are real wealth. Anything held in paper or electronic form are nothing but illusions that will soon disappear taking the hopes and dreams of civilization with them. When this happens it will be too late to redirect your resources to more productive means.

The purchase of tools and equipment are only one aspect of your hard assets. The storage and maintenance of food products and livestock are an integral part of your ability to ride out the storm. The drought conditions that are now taking hold may be just the beginning of a longer trend that will devastate the planet and cause untold suffering. It is normal to have a major crop loss from time to time but what if the trend we now see forming causes multiyear crop losses? The food supplies of the planet are not sufficient to feed everyone for very long without the replacement of annual crops.

With the global commerce we now enjoy, products go to the highest bidder. With massive food losses only those with wealth in the form of hard assets will find themselves in a position to successfully bid for food products. Those with gold and silver will be in a good position but those with the capability to produce a commodity that is in demand will be in an even better position.

The production of water, food and clothing will always be in demand and those that have those items will have the ability to make some very good deals in the future and increase their wealth substantially. The production of tools and machinery will also be valuable after a recovery begins. For those in an urban environment, the aquisition of equipment and livestock may not be feasible so the diversification into precious metals may be the best avenue for excess wealth after food and clothing supplies are satisfied.

When the final bubble bursts, all of the checks from the feds to the entitlement class will stop, creating riots nationwide as the takers seek out the dwindling resources. The nation will be plunged into a depression unlike anything imaginable. Until all of the bad debt has been washed out of the system, no real recovery will be able to commence. The problem then is the fact that we no longer have the production capability to restart a recovery. This is the problem that could see this nation mired in a third world economy for decades to come. There are no easy answers and no quick solutions to get us out of this. Only years of hard work will fix this problem. The question remains, will the people of this nation be willing to do the hard work necessary to rebuild the nation and its economy?


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