The Illness That Consumes America

By: Tom Chatham – Author of The American Dream Lost

It has destroyed families and caused the downfall of many businesses. It has crept into our bedrooms, into our doctors offices, and into our schools. It has killed children and soldiers alike. It waits in dark alleys for any hapless victim that chances to pass by unaware of the danger. It crawls into our souls and takes root in our mind, sending rational thought to oblivion and growing into a cankerous sore that eats away at our humanity.

It puts its mark on us in innumerable ways and destroys our happiness at every turn. No one is immune to it. Only those that make the utmost effort are able to keep it at bay. It stalks us in our every waking moment and seeks the total and irrevocable destruction of everything we hold dear. Its goal is to tear families apart, destroy hope and eviscerate any possible future that produces prosperity. It seeks to erase all traces of our individuality and clone everyone into a hoard of thoughtless trolls.

This illness is insidious in its nature and once it finds a victim, it is difficult to root out and destroy without killing the victim in the process. It is a communicable disease that can infect a person who is miles away from the host. It makes the new host feel good while visiting destruction on those around them. It gives false hope and aspirations to those it touches. It grows into a sense of need and entitlement and offers the host a sense that they can do no wrong and they are always right.

This illness has many names and symptoms but it can always be summed up in one word, Evil. It sometimes appears as abortion, graft, murder, theft, abuse, embezzlement, rape, lies, totalitarianism, materialism or envy. It hides behind words like fairness, equality and necessity. This illness has only one goal and that is to destroy. It consumes goodness and understanding and cooperation and produces a waste product of hopelessness, misery, death and despair that requires an ever increasing supply of fuel. This disease only exists to destroy until there is nothing left to consume and then it dies out.

The only cure for this insatiable bug is goodness in its purest form. It is exemplified in phrases such as turn the other cheek, do unto others and love thy neighbor but sometimes these cures are not enough. When the illness that is evil is deeply embedded and runs rampant through a majority of the population the only cure is another form of evil that is held on a leash by the hand of goodness. It is the type of steel textured cure that revolutions are forged from.

Evil prevails when good men fail to act. Good men are reluctant to unleash the most potent cure at their disposal because they know the deadly toll it will take before the illness is cured. Good men try to cure the disease with the least destructive cure they can but when all else fails they will invoke their last line of defense. For America, the good men have tried most of the cures at their disposal and only a few are left and very little time remains to regain our moral health. The most potent cure will be used if things continue as they are but the question is, will the cure come in time? Our moral health can only be regained when the evil that infects America is removed in total. It may not be long before the good men of conscience utilize that final cure of last resort and announce its deployment. And make no mistake, this will be a battle of good versus evil, and only one will survive to rule America.


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