Analyze This: Public Servant or Self Serving Troll?

By: Tom Chatham Author of The Crux Event

When I am confronted with a problem or potential danger I like to think outside the box and analyze the problem to form a rational, sane conclusion. If you think your family is in danger from something like say a house fire, you may not want to hit them with the full ramifications all at once to prevent a panic. You might start with a talk discussing the dangers and slowly move up to preventive measures and evacuation plans over time as fast as your family can mentally accept the information. This is a rational approach to protecting the people you are responsible for.

With all of the potential dangers we now face from many directions, the sane thing would be for people to have some basic emergency supplies on hand to deal with these emergencies. If our elected representatives were doing their job and identified a potential threat that could harm many people and cause massive civil disorder, a sane person would conclude that public servant would try to prepare the people they are responsible for. A simple acknowledgement of the problem followed by sensible precautions relayed to the people over time would reduce the destructive impact of the problem to manageable levels. Is this what we get from our government?

No. All we get is rhetoric that there are no problems and if any occur the government will take care of it. They go so far as to demonize anyone doing a sane rational thing such as preparing for danger. A sane rational person would conclude that being unprepared for a disaster would cause unnecessary suffering and hardship on a person. Why would government officials not only ignore a problem but prevent an individual from taking the sensible precautions?

The only rational conclusion a sane person can come up with is that they want confusion and suffering. They want individuals to be helpless so they have no place to turn but the government. When this happens, this government help will come with strings attached. It can be nothing less than a control device to keep the population in line with government plans for total control.

If a disaster happens, a sane person would think the government would want people to have the ability to care for themselves to free up government resources to repair the damage and return society to normal operations as soon as possible. This conclusion seems to be the exact opposite of how our government operates.

If elected representatives are indeed ignoring dangers and preventing people from caring for themselves, one would have to ask why? These public servants would not do this unless they were getting something out of it worth the lives of many people. History has shown that money and power are usually the payout for crimes of this nature. A sane person can only conclude that honorable people have become trolls that feed on peoples misery for their own personal gain.

If a predictable disaster happens, and chaos and suffering results due to lack of warning and preparedness, these officials are largely to blame for the outcome. An outcome that should be completely different. If we suffer an event such as a currency collapse and the people are not prepared for it, that is because our leaders do not want us to be prepared. They will do so to take advantage of the situation and further their own agenda. Any sane person would prepare for the dangers ahead in order to insure the safety and well being of their family. But that is just a rational conclusion.


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