Silver Bugs Take Heed, Buying Opportunity Ahead

By: Tom Chatham – Author of The American Dream Lost

All silver bugs out there that wish to add to their stockpiles should take heed of the silver price over the next 60 days. The price of silver has slipped in recent weeks but the best may be yet to come. When volatility strikes markets many investors sell commodity positions to maintain liquidity. This can cause the price of precious metals to drop substantially over the short term creating a buying opportunity for buyers of physical metal. Martin Armstrong has used his forecast models to project market conditions and he has now said we should expect severe volatility in the August – September time frame. If he is correct, this volatility could produce a low in silver and gold. One economist predicts a drop in silver prices to as low as $18.00. If silver goes anywhere near this price it will present a great buying opportunity. Everyone is aware of the economic problems in Europe and the coming elections in the U.S. will cause the release of money by the government to maintain an illusion of a good economy until after the elections. These monetary problems will be much more visible after the elections so anyone preparing should pay attention to prices over the next few months. Between now and September, you could see the last opportunity to buy silver at bargain prices before the next run up. Even at the current price, silver is a good hedge against future money printing for those who wish to preserve their wealth so be sure to take advantage of any price drops in the next few months. Anyone planning to buy a home or land in the near future may be better served by buying gold or silver and waiting for the monetary crisis to bottom out and buy the property at a steep discount for cash, but this is a strategy that each person will have to decide on for themselves. Volatility is approaching so stay alert.


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