A Gun Ban Won’t Work Because…

By: Tom Chatham – Author of The Crux Event

My initial argument is the fact that if we cannot stop illegal immigrants or drugs from coming across our southern boarder, how can we prevent weapons from coming into this country. I’m sure a liberal progressive can make the case that they won’t be smuggled in because it will be illegal or give us some bewildering excuse from fantasy land. This brings me to my second argument.

Even if someone in Washington could snap their magical fingers and all of those evil guns in America suddenly disappear, it would only take a few days for individuals to have another gun in their hands. A well motivated person with a few hand tools and a pile of scrap metal can make a gun in a week or two and that does not include the actual gunsmiths that can turn out precision works of beauty. A gun is nothing more than a mechanical device with several moving parts. Anyone with any mechanical ability can make one. It may not be a long range weapon but at close range it will do what guns are made to do. CV axles, axle shafts and hydraulic struts are plentiful and cheap as are other junkyard parts. In WWII, small .45 cal guns, that you extracted the shell casing from by pushing a wooden dowel down the barrel, were dropped to resistance fighters. These very simple guns allowed persons to acquire better guns from enemy forces. Homemade guns are not high quality, depending on the persons ability, but functional nonetheless. If Joe sixpack can make a gun in his garage out of scrap metal, how can anyone stop that if they don’t know about it? If Joe can do that imagine what a good machinist can do. If guns are taken for whatever the reason, new ones can be made. Because of this, a gun ban is meaningless.
Statistics from the FBI’s mountain of data indicate that as gun ownership has gone up, violent crime has gone down. I don’t understand why this is bad but I’m sure some liberal progressive can straighten me out on that.
The weak link is the ammo. With reloading equipment and a few dies you can cast new bullets and reload the shells. The weak links in the weak link are the primers and powder. Many Americans have stockpiled ammo that will provide reusable shell casings so in a long term situation the main replacements you will need will be primers and powder. Even if you don’t have a gun or reloading equipment, stocking selected primers and powder will provide you with an excellent barter item should the situation arise.

My third argument is much simpler. I Won’t Allow It!. I didn’t spend 18 years defending this country so some want-to-be dictator could take my rights away. I know there are many more out there that feel the same way so I know I’m in good company. There are many who would accept the servitude of oppression with open arms, but once an enlightened people have known the dignity of freedom it is difficult to shackle them once again to servitude against their will.

The following is a partial list of books available for “Academic Study” or just go to Amazon and search for home made guns.

Home Made Guns and Home Made Ammo by Ronald Brown
The Do-it-Yourself Submachine Gun by Gerard Metral
The Submachine Gun ( Home Workshop Guns for Defense and Resistance vol1) by Bill Holmes
How To Design Build and Sell Your Own Small Arms by Bill Holmes

Finally, I leave you with this story.

In the war torn country of Lebanon, a man worked at a factory called Sewing Machines Inc. He desperately wanted to buy his wife a new sewing machine but could not afford it. One day he decided he would take one piece every day and take it home with him and when he had all the parts, he would assemble the machine for his wife. The happy day finally came when he had all of the parts but he ran into difficulty. Every time he assembled the parts he ended up with a machine gun.


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