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Analyze This: Public Servant or Self Serving Troll?

By: Tom Chatham Author of The Crux Event

When I am confronted with a problem or potential danger I like to think outside the box and analyze the problem to form a rational, sane conclusion. If you think your family is in danger from something like say a house fire, you may not want to hit them with the full ramifications all at once to prevent a panic. You might start with a talk discussing the dangers and slowly move up to preventive measures and evacuation plans over time as fast as your family can mentally accept the information. This is a rational approach to protecting the people you are responsible for.

With all of the potential dangers we now face from many directions, the sane thing would be for people to have some basic emergency supplies on hand to deal with these emergencies. If our elected representatives were doing their job and identified a potential threat that could harm many people and cause massive civil disorder, a sane person would conclude that public servant would try to prepare the people they are responsible for. A simple acknowledgement of the problem followed by sensible precautions relayed to the people over time would reduce the destructive impact of the problem to manageable levels. Is this what we get from our government?

No. All we get is rhetoric that there are no problems and if any occur the government will take care of it. They go so far as to demonize anyone doing a sane rational thing such as preparing for danger. A sane rational person would conclude that being unprepared for a disaster would cause unnecessary suffering and hardship on a person. Why would government officials not only ignore a problem but prevent an individual from taking the sensible precautions?

The only rational conclusion a sane person can come up with is that they want confusion and suffering. They want individuals to be helpless so they have no place to turn but the government. When this happens, this government help will come with strings attached. It can be nothing less than a control device to keep the population in line with government plans for total control.

If a disaster happens, a sane person would think the government would want people to have the ability to care for themselves to free up government resources to repair the damage and return society to normal operations as soon as possible. This conclusion seems to be the exact opposite of how our government operates.

If elected representatives are indeed ignoring dangers and preventing people from caring for themselves, one would have to ask why? These public servants would not do this unless they were getting something out of it worth the lives of many people. History has shown that money and power are usually the payout for crimes of this nature. A sane person can only conclude that honorable people have become trolls that feed on peoples misery for their own personal gain.

If a predictable disaster happens, and chaos and suffering results due to lack of warning and preparedness, these officials are largely to blame for the outcome. An outcome that should be completely different. If we suffer an event such as a currency collapse and the people are not prepared for it, that is because our leaders do not want us to be prepared. They will do so to take advantage of the situation and further their own agenda. Any sane person would prepare for the dangers ahead in order to insure the safety and well being of their family. But that is just a rational conclusion.


Silver Bugs Take Heed, Buying Opportunity Ahead

By: Tom Chatham – Author of The American Dream Lost

All silver bugs out there that wish to add to their stockpiles should take heed of the silver price over the next 60 days. The price of silver has slipped in recent weeks but the best may be yet to come. When volatility strikes markets many investors sell commodity positions to maintain liquidity. This can cause the price of precious metals to drop substantially over the short term creating a buying opportunity for buyers of physical metal. Martin Armstrong has used his forecast models to project market conditions and he has now said we should expect severe volatility in the August – September time frame. If he is correct, this volatility could produce a low in silver and gold. One economist predicts a drop in silver prices to as low as $18.00. If silver goes anywhere near this price it will present a great buying opportunity. Everyone is aware of the economic problems in Europe and the coming elections in the U.S. will cause the release of money by the government to maintain an illusion of a good economy until after the elections. These monetary problems will be much more visible after the elections so anyone preparing should pay attention to prices over the next few months. Between now and September, you could see the last opportunity to buy silver at bargain prices before the next run up. Even at the current price, silver is a good hedge against future money printing for those who wish to preserve their wealth so be sure to take advantage of any price drops in the next few months. Anyone planning to buy a home or land in the near future may be better served by buying gold or silver and waiting for the monetary crisis to bottom out and buy the property at a steep discount for cash, but this is a strategy that each person will have to decide on for themselves. Volatility is approaching so stay alert.

A Gun Ban Won’t Work Because…

By: Tom Chatham – Author of The Crux Event

My initial argument is the fact that if we cannot stop illegal immigrants or drugs from coming across our southern boarder, how can we prevent weapons from coming into this country. I’m sure a liberal progressive can make the case that they won’t be smuggled in because it will be illegal or give us some bewildering excuse from fantasy land. This brings me to my second argument.

Even if someone in Washington could snap their magical fingers and all of those evil guns in America suddenly disappear, it would only take a few days for individuals to have another gun in their hands. A well motivated person with a few hand tools and a pile of scrap metal can make a gun in a week or two and that does not include the actual gunsmiths that can turn out precision works of beauty. A gun is nothing more than a mechanical device with several moving parts. Anyone with any mechanical ability can make one. It may not be a long range weapon but at close range it will do what guns are made to do. CV axles, axle shafts and hydraulic struts are plentiful and cheap as are other junkyard parts. In WWII, small .45 cal guns, that you extracted the shell casing from by pushing a wooden dowel down the barrel, were dropped to resistance fighters. These very simple guns allowed persons to acquire better guns from enemy forces. Homemade guns are not high quality, depending on the persons ability, but functional nonetheless. If Joe sixpack can make a gun in his garage out of scrap metal, how can anyone stop that if they don’t know about it? If Joe can do that imagine what a good machinist can do. If guns are taken for whatever the reason, new ones can be made. Because of this, a gun ban is meaningless.
Statistics from the FBI’s mountain of data indicate that as gun ownership has gone up, violent crime has gone down. I don’t understand why this is bad but I’m sure some liberal progressive can straighten me out on that.
The weak link is the ammo. With reloading equipment and a few dies you can cast new bullets and reload the shells. The weak links in the weak link are the primers and powder. Many Americans have stockpiled ammo that will provide reusable shell casings so in a long term situation the main replacements you will need will be primers and powder. Even if you don’t have a gun or reloading equipment, stocking selected primers and powder will provide you with an excellent barter item should the situation arise.

My third argument is much simpler. I Won’t Allow It!. I didn’t spend 18 years defending this country so some want-to-be dictator could take my rights away. I know there are many more out there that feel the same way so I know I’m in good company. There are many who would accept the servitude of oppression with open arms, but once an enlightened people have known the dignity of freedom it is difficult to shackle them once again to servitude against their will.

The following is a partial list of books available for “Academic Study” or just go to Amazon and search for home made guns.

Home Made Guns and Home Made Ammo by Ronald Brown
The Do-it-Yourself Submachine Gun by Gerard Metral
The Submachine Gun ( Home Workshop Guns for Defense and Resistance vol1) by Bill Holmes
How To Design Build and Sell Your Own Small Arms by Bill Holmes

Finally, I leave you with this story.

In the war torn country of Lebanon, a man worked at a factory called Sewing Machines Inc. He desperately wanted to buy his wife a new sewing machine but could not afford it. One day he decided he would take one piece every day and take it home with him and when he had all the parts, he would assemble the machine for his wife. The happy day finally came when he had all of the parts but he ran into difficulty. Every time he assembled the parts he ended up with a machine gun.

The Barter Exchange and Security

By: Tom Chatham – Portions of this article were extracted from The American Dream Lost.

In the days following the bottom of a serious crisis the ability to establish a new normal will be important to the community. Recovery will depend on how fast the exchange of goods and services are reestablished to provide the necessities people will need.

A barter exchange would be the best solution to the community’s problem. An exchange run by a person or small group could be set up in a secure area to facilitate the exchange of items. With most barter currency the script is purchased with dollars to put it into circulation but the collapse of fiat money would prevent that. A good solution would be to issue a barter currency that is backed by the items in the exchange. The exchange prints and maintains the currency. A person brings in an item to the exchange and the exchange gives the person barter currency for the value of the item. The item is then available in the exchange for the same amount. The person would be able to save the script for later use, use it immediately to purchase other goods available or to use as payment for services outside of the exchange. The exchange would generate currency by producing value added products. A bushel of corn brought to the exchange could be turned into corn meal which would have more value. The additional value of the cornmeal would be added to the exchanges “account” to pay employees and for the purchase of capital equipment. The value of any items that spoil or become unexchangeable would be deducted from the exchanges account. This would keep any issued certificates fully backed by physical items in the exchange. The exchange manager would decide what items are taken in and in what amounts to prevent spoilage and accumulation of unwanted items. The exchange would set the value of items and it would act to provide a frame of reference to those trading outside of the exchange. The barter currency would act as a medium of exchange in the community to allow an easier exchange of goods. The exchange could be one stop shopping depending on the support of the community and could carry food items, furniture, used clothing or homemade items as the exchange determines appropriate. The items could be valued as follows and we will call the currency units (CU).

1 oz Gold = 250 CU
1 oz Silver = 15 CU
1 Hour work = 3 CU
1 Month rent = 180 CU
30 KWH electricity = 1 CU
1 Gal fuel = 1 CU
1 Bu Wheat = 3 CU
1 Bu. Corn = 1.7 CU
1 Gal. Milk = 1 CU
1 Doz. Eggs = .5 CU
1 lb Cornmeal = .25 CU
1 lb Poultry = .33 CU
1 Chord firewood = 25 CU
1 lb Lead = .5 CU
1 lb Copper = 1 CU

.25 lb Nickel = 1 CU

These valuations are meant to be proportional. For example, six dollars in nickels contains 1 pound of copper and1/4 pound of nickel. Six dollars in nickels would trade for 2 gallons of fuel. A variation on the barter currency could be the use of copper/nickel coinage based on the metal content of the coins versus the face value. When you set the values of products it is helpful to look at the prices at a given point in time when you set the values to help keep everything proportional but supply and demand will also need to be taken into consideration.  If you assume that 1 CU equals $3 and do the math the above valuations may make more sense to you. Keep in mind that at the time these valuations were derived some prices may have been lower.

The currency units could be printed in the following denominations.

.1 CU fractional
.5 CU fractional
1 CU
5 CU
20 CU
100 CU

This is only meant to be a guide but will give you a good place to start. The currency could be paper or metal coins and should be produced in a way that makes counterfeiting difficult. Paper currency could be embossed or printed on special paper. This type of exchange must be kept out of the hands of government personnel otherwise they will do to the currency what they have done to the dollar. If you use gold and silver coins as an exchange medium you will basically have the type of barter system we enjoyed before paper currency became the norm. If an exchange is not operational prior to a crisis, the barter currency should be created and stored until needed along with any equipment needed. Those groups or communities that are concerned about a future currency crisis should take steps now to put this type of plan into effect if they have not already done so.

The second issue that needs addressing during a recovery is the security situation. No meaningful recovery can begin until the area is safe for travel and private property is protected from theft. This will require a security force of whatever sort the community determines is appropriate. This issue needs to be delt with as soon as possible to prevent hostile or criminal groups from becoming the dominant force in the area. A safe zone in and around the community will expedite recovery efforts and the production of necessary items to insure the community can return to an acceptable new norm as soon as possible.

The more area that is secured around the community the more potential resources that will be available and the larger the buffer zone will be against possible external threats. Adjacent communities, that can secure their respective areas with overlapping boarders, can provide a reinforcing cluster of safe zones that can be slowly expanded as resources become available. The security plan will be dictated by the needs and resources available to the community so pre-crisis planning is extremely important to assess future needs and secure materials for later deployment. Planning at the community level will be important to respond to the global problems we are about to face. Your plans should assume no outside help so you are not counting on non-existent resources should something happen.

The Three Stages of Crisis

By: Tom Chatham – Author of The American Dream Lost

In every crisis there are three distinct stages that occur to form the complete crisis scenario. Once a crisis occurs, all three stages will be experienced at some level. In preparing for a crisis, you need to be aware of the stages and prepare for each one. A failure to acknowledge any of the stages will cause hardship for those caught up in it. Our ability to foresee danger and take precautionary measures sets us apart from other animals and gives us a distinct advantage when it comes to survivability. We have the ability to create tools and store supplies to see us through the worst of a given situation.

The first stage of any disaster is the pre-crisis interval when a potential crisis becomes suspect. Some will investigate the potential danger further to deduce its’ ramifications on their lives while others will ignore the potential threat in favor of maintaining the status quo so they will not have to face the reality. Many people have a problem facing a reality that suddenly changes and pushes them out of their comfort zone. To acknowledge a threat is to question the sustainability of that comfort zone and the beliefs that the person holds. Those that acknowledge potential threats widen their comfort zones to encompass the threat and they incorporate that into their beliefs so they can accept a changing reality and adapt to it. Once a person accepts a potential threat as real, they determine how best to protect themselves from it and form a defensive plan to deal with it. The defensive measures are dictated by the type of threat and the resources available to the individual. The defensive measures taken act to enhance the persons’ comfort zone and provides mental clarity when reality suddenly changes. This is why some people handle disasters better than others. Their comfort zone already encompasses the new reality and they are able to comprehend what is happening. Those that prepare during a pre-crisis interval are prepared for radical changes in reality.

The second stage of disaster is the unfolding crisis itself. This could be short or long in duration depending on the variables involved. An earthquake is relatively quick while a 1930s style depression is very long. The analysis and preparation one makes prior to an event will determine how well the person gets through the situation. Even without all of the necessary items identified by the prior analysis, a prepared person will fare much better than the unprepared due to the fact that their comfort zone will not have been breeched allowing them to make rational decisions in a timely manner. The preparations made during the pre-crisis interval will lead to successful navigation of the crisis and prepare the individual for the final stage.

The final stage experienced will be the post crisis phase. No matter how bad or long a crisis is, eventually it will end and recovery will begin in some form. A proper evaluation of the potential crisis will provide some insight into what a post crisis reality will require in terms of human and mechanical needs. The recovery effort following a crisis will depend in large part on what preparations were made prior to the crisis to provide infrastructure for the recovery. The failure to plan for a recovery effort will extend the crisis until the necessary situation develops in which recovery can commence. The act of preparation sets the stage for recovery even before the crisis actually happens and can limit how far outside of the comfort zone the crisis extends for unprepared persons. For every person prepared for the crisis, the extent of the crisis will be limited in scope and duration by a proportional amount. Hence, if everyone is prepared for a disaster, the impact will be small and manageable and recovery will be rapid. Many people prepare for disasters but their planning stops at the crisis itself and fails to go beyond it. This can potentially extend the crisis in scale or duration until a majority of the victoms learn to move beyond the crisis and define the new reality they will live in.
As an example, you may determine that you are at risk of a tornado strike because of your location. Because of this you decide that building an underground shelter to protect your family is a sensible action so you build one. This is where most planning stops. If you believe your family is in danger then the possibility of loosing your home is very high also. A complete analysis of the potential danger can lead you to a conclusion that you may also lose your home and leave you without the ability to care for your family. Because of this you may decide to build a more robust shelter and equip it with the ability to house your family for several days and provide for all of their needs. Your post crisis planning will limit the hardship you face and aid in recovery.

To prepare successfully for crisis, you must look through to the other side of the disaster and determine how to best mold the new reality that will exist and prepare for the disruptions that are likely to occur. A plan to redefine the limits of a new reality will speed the recovery and prevent the lost, hopeless feelings that usually accompany any serious crisis. A failure to plan for the post crisis reality will leave the new limits to be discovered by trial and error and lead to a chaotic transformation rather than a smooth one.

American Dreaming

From The American Dream Lost by Tom Chatham

What is the American dream? What makes it American versus Russian or Chinese? The one thing that has set America apart from all others over the years is the freedom we have had to invent and develop ideas. This country was founded on ideas the likes of which had never been conceived before. A man should be free to live his life as he pleases and do as he wants as long as it does not hurt others was a new idea. It was an idea that appealed to many. So strongly did they feel about this that they left their homes and set out across a dangerous ocean not knowing if they would make it to this land where the laws of men did not yet exist. With only their trust in God and each other and the ideas they dreamed of, they created the most prosperous nation in the history of the world. They were not prosperous because of new cities that had been built for them, or crops that had been planted for them, or new machines that had been invented for them. They came to an empty land with vast natural untapped resources. The freedom they enjoyed allowed them to build their own cities, plant their own crops and invent incredible new machines. The natural resources were important but it was their freedom that allowed their growth, prosperity and inventiveness. Freedom allowed them to be as much as they could dream to be. Without really knowing or understanding exactly what it is, people have espoused about living the American dream. The American dream to some is being prosperous in a monetary way. To some it is following their dreams and doing something that they enjoy doing regardless of wealth. In the end the American dream in its purist sense is about the unrestricted freedom to do what makes us happy. That is what set us apart from all other countries. That is what produced our prosperity and happiness.
The dream is fading along with our happiness and prosperity. The American dream has been hijacked by the same evils that have perverted and destroyed it the world over since the beginning of time. It is being ruled and regulated and taxed away by those who have different dreams. Their dreams of wealth and control know no ends. If it is allowed to continue the dream that is unrestricted freedom will die and people will suffer the misery of its progeny, totalitarianism. Not understanding that the dream is actually the availability of freedom, many will let it slip away like grains of sand through their fingers until one day nothing is left.
Rome was not built in a day. It was built brick by brick over many years just as freedom and prosperity are. Just as easily it can be destroyed little by little without much notice until the day people realize it no longer exists. When nations die they end much like cloudy days, with no disernable sunset, no specific moment between light and darkness, just a dim glow that fades into obscurity until nothing remains. The more something degrades the harder it becomes to restore it. Once it is completely destroyed it must be rebuilt from scratch which is a long and difficult process. The American dream is dying and people are at a loss to understand why. They think if they emulate other countries or philosophies they will regain it but this only carries them further away from the dream. Until they rediscover that freedom is the key to happiness and prosperity the slide into the abyss will continue. If the lessons of the past have to be relearned then it will be a long and difficult journey for this nation and its people. History has also taught us that every fiat currency ever created has collapsed. Fiat currency is a confidence game that turns all of its users into debt slaves before ultimately destroying them. The United States is no different than any other country and our time is rapidly approaching. When currencies begin to die governments tighten their control on the people to maintain their power and wealth. When paper money dies you can be sure that those in power have already converted their wealth into tangible items such as gold, property and factories that produce goods. They know that only tangible items are real wealth. The people need to follow this example and do the same before it’s too late. The governments prolific spending is increasing at an alarming rate. We are now at the point that to stop this spending will cause a great deal of pain for the people but continued spending will eventually end the same way and the pain will be unbearable. To put it simply, we can amputate a toe now or the whole leg later. Which would you prefer?
One of the things people equate to the American dream is our standard of living. The abundance that has been created from our freedom over the years is emulated by many across the world. There is little you cannot do or find in America. Most in this country who have never traveled abroad do not understand the incredible gift we have inherited from our fore fathers. It is this lack of understanding that has led to deterioration of our country and our values. Few who enjoy freedom realize the suffering and sacrifice that was necessary to gain it or is required to maintain it. Few are willing to make the sacrifice, instead opting to ride the gravy train never understanding that this ride ends at the bottom of a cliff. The American dream is dying and the only way to save it is to reexamine the way we are living and recapture the spirit that made us great. Nothing in life is free and the cost to regain freedom lost will exact a high cost in blood, sweat and tears. One of the great benefits of our freedom has been our standard of living. It has been decaying for many years because of fraud, waste and abuse in a system that has been perverted to benefit the few while taking from the many. We need to reexamine the way we live and get back to basics in order to regain what we have lost. We need to get back to a business model that has been proven to work. We need to regain a level of freedom and a standard of living that we are losing. To build anything you must start with a good foundation and work up from there. A lot of the decay in our society can be attributed to the decline in our moral underpinnings. When people loose respect for the private property rights of others and accept graft and corruption as a normal part of doing business, the destruction of wealth and prosperity will soon follow. Real wealth is difficult to build and very easy to destroy as many are now finding out. Only through hard work and honest business practices can a nation prosper and grow. That is not to deny that a few corrupt individuals can and have in fact attained unimaginable wealth in this nation. But these individuals have done so at the cost of many others and this wealth is not beneficial to the greater population but in fact hinders the honest business economy and prevents the upward mobility of those affected. One mechanism that has accomplished this is the lobbying efforts of big business that has caused higher taxes, rules and regulations that have forced many small businesses to close and other companies to move overseas. Those that have lost good paying manufacturing jobs to outsourcing now have to make do with lower paying jobs with less upward mobility. This causes these people to have a lower standard of living which flows through the economy causing others to have a lower living standard. A lot of wealth and productive capability is retroactively destroyed because people who otherwise might have brought new ideas and products to market are dissuaded from doing so due to the smaller slower economy. Many will try to defend this outsourcing as a good thing but it ultimately makes everyone a lot poorer in the affected country. If left unchecked, this can destroy a country and its production capability. This can lead to people having to live in a third world economy when they don’t have to. This is a reality that we are beginning to experience in the U.S. as time passes.
Your standard of living is relative. It is made up of all of the things that are available to you that enhance your quality of life and happiness. Everyone has their own idea of happiness so the standard of living will be different for everyone. A man living on a mountain top in a cabin with no running water and no electricity might be very satisfied with his life. If he has shelter, food, clothing, and a caring family that might be everything he wants from life. The more you want the more you will have to labor and earn. For some, having lots of things will mean happiness, for others just having a family to come home to every night will fulfill their needs and wants. A standard of living and happiness are two distinctly different things but they go hand in hand to complement each other. A standard of living involves tangible things that make life easier while happiness is for the most part a state of mind. So don’t confuse your standard of living with your happiness. Most people don’t understand the relationship between these two things and their lives are always out of balance because of it. Having tangible things will increase your productive capability but they won’t make you happy in and of themselves. Your happiness comes from feeling a since of belonging and accomplishment in the actions that you take. Knowing what makes you happy and what you want out of life is the first step to achieving it. A high standard of living is just icing on the cake, not the cake itself. So, don’t confuse yourself.

When Radiation Arrives, What Do You Do? Part I I



By: Tom Chatham – Author of  The American Dream Lost and The Crux Event

One of the major problems with a contaminated northern hemisphere is the fact that a large portion of our food supply could be destroyed. This will necessitate you having the means to produce food to feed your family. If you are a refugee in a government shelter you will be one of many that must be fed from a limited supply of food. As things stand now, I don’t see how this type of situation could be anything less than a massive depopulation event. The idea of refugees fighting over dwindling food and water supplies is the main reason you should develop a plan to stay far away from large populations and provide for your own needs. There are two issues you need to keep in mind if evacuation of the northern hemisphere is necessary.
If most of the people move south, assuming it is safe down there, will there be enough housing, food production and natural resources to sustain the population of the whole planet?
There are 104 nuclear reactors in the U.S. that house over 70,000 tons of spent fuel rods. If the U.S. were evacuated, who would remain to maintain coolant in the reactors and spent fuel ponds?

There are many ways to grow food in small areas. If you are confined to an underground shelter the obstacles are huge but not impossible to overcome. The three things you need to grow food indoors is good soil, good water and a supply of energy to provide the necessary light. With a few small animals, such as chickens, to provide some manure and some seeds to plant green manure crops such as clover, it would be possible to keep your soil well fertilized. Having bags of fertilizer to make up the difference would also be very helpful. The production of energy to provide light would be difficult under these circumstances. The availability of LED grow lights would be necessary under these conditions. They produce the red and blue light frequencies that plants need at minimum energy usage. Regular grow lights can be used but will require much more power making your sustainability more difficult.
The following is a list of basic foods you can store that will provide about 2600 calories per day and is nutritionally balanced.
Whole-kernel hard wheat              16 oz per day
Beans                                                       5 oz per day
Non-fat milk powder                         2 oz per day
Vegetable oil                                        1 oz per day
Sugar                                                       2 oz per day
Salt (iodized)                                    1/3 oz per day
Multi-vitamin pills                            1 per day

A daily emergency ration for babies can consist of the following mixed with 4 cups of safe water.
Instant non-fat milk                         2.25 oz      1 cup + 2 tablespoons
Vegetable cooking oil                            1 oz       3 tablespoons
Sugar                                                           .7 oz       2 tablespoons
Standard daily multi-vitamin pill            1/3 pill

More food storage above and beyond these amounts to incorporate a variety of foods would be beneficial for prolonged periods of time but these amounts will provide you with the means to get by and stay healthy.

Nothing will live without water so a secure clean water supply is a primary concern. The best supply would be an artesian well with a hand pump that is located inside your underground shelter. Even with this you may want to have a filtering system to purify the water should it become contaminated. Katadyn water filters can filter up to 13,000 gallons but would require many extra filters if you had to filter water for crops as well as human consumption over an extended period of time.

With enough energy you can do just about anything. With a large power supply an impossible task becomes very easy. Providing energy in a radiological environment can be problematic but is nothing that cannot be overcome. The best forms of energy would be solar and wind. These systems can provide reliable power for many years with little or no maintenance. The one caveat is that high levels of gamma radiation can damage these systems over time so the radiation levels will determine how long these systems will work reliably. If the levels are so high that they affect your energy systems short term then your long term sustainability will also be in question.
The next best power source would be a generator that runs on renewable energy such as ethanol or a wood gassifier. It may not be possible to eat grain that has been grown in the contaminated soil but you may be able to produce fuel with it to power your shelter. This would depend on the amount of radiation you have in your area. A generating system that produces exhaust gasses would be best located in a separate shelter near the surface that allows for the proper ventilation but provides enough protection to maintain the equipment without exposing yourself to high levels of radiation. With LED lighting you may be able to provide most of your power with a human powered generator connected to a bicycle or something similar.

Shielding Requirements:
Fallout from across the Pacific might require you to shelter in a secure location until the radiation levels drop to negligible levels. An underground shelter with 3 feet of soil for shielding can protect you from 99.9% of gamma radiation hazards derived from nuclear explosions in the Pacific region. Twenty inches of dirt can provide a protection factor of around 200. Six inches of concrete covered with 30 inches of dirt will provide a protection factor of about 1000. This means you will receive about 1/1000 as much radiation inside as you will outside. The problem with a nuclear plant scenario is that if it is not encased in concrete or some other shielding material it will release radiation on a continuous basis for many years. This can make a return to the surface very difficult and at some point will create a permanent dead zone that would have to be abandoned for all practical purposes. If the cooling ponds at Fukushima suffer more damage exposing the rods, a radioactive fire could result that could spew radiation for up to a century. The plant at Chernobyl was encased in concrete to prevent this type of scenario. If a radioactive fire of this nature were to result it would be questionable if any place on Earth would be safe. Low levels of radiation may be survivable for middle age people for many years and only shorten their lives by a decade or so but the real problem lies with the children. Young and unborn children are more susceptible to radiation that can damage DNA, cause serious deformities and end their lives much too soon. The issue of sheltering is more for the protection of children and the continuance of our species than anything else so that should be the driving force behind the plans we make. More than likely the Fukushima radiation will continue in low doses for many years and cause an increase in cancer rates around the world but we can not rule out an escalation from this danger at some point in the future.

The following doses will be listed as R for roentgen.
Few receiving doses of 100 R or less would become sick. All of those exposed to doses of 100R to 200R should recover from radiation effects but some could die if infection or disease reduces their resistance. Total doses of this size or even larger received over a period of a few months in small doses of around 6R per day should result in no incapacitating symptoms. The human body can repair most radiation damage if the daily doses are not too large. The majority of those with doses less than 350R should recover without medical treatment. Almost all of those receiving a dose of 600R would die within a few weeks. Symptoms of radiation sickness are nausea, vomiting, headache, dizziness and a general feeling of illness. These symptoms can begin several hours after receiving a dose of 100R to 200R and within 30 minutes or less after receiving a fatal dose. In doses of 1000R to 5000R death will result in 2 to 14 days. A dose of 5000R results in death within 48 hours. Persons dieing from radiation sickness are not sources of dangerous radiation and radiation sickness is not contagious. Some people may exhibit symptoms in a shelter following an event but these could be nothing more than stress related symptoms so some common sense needs to be applied in diagnosis.

Is it realistic to plan for long term underground sheltering? Maybe not for most people but given a worst case scenario what are the options? Good information on radiation, homemade ventilation, radiation meters and other shelter equipment can be found in the book Nuclear War Survival Skills which can be downloaded for free on the internet.

We have the knowledge to build safe nuclear plants and to store and dispose of radioactive materials in a responsible manner. Why don’t we? The sad truth is, we don’t because there is no money in it. It is much more profitable to look the other way and do the wrong thing. In the end, the profit motives of big corporations may very well end life as we know it on this planet.

When Radiation Arrives, What Do You Do? Part I

By: Tom Chatham – Author of The American Dream Lost and The Crux Event

Fukushima has been spewing radioactive particles since it exploded over a year ago. There are reports from numerous sources that this could become a global nightmare at some point. It has been said that the collapse of the cooling pool in reactor 4 would cover the northern hemisphere with life destroying radiation. What do you do when this local disaster becomes a global catastrophe? In this event you only have two options. Leave the contaminated area or provide protection for you and your family. There is a third option which entails doing nothing and possibly dieing a slow horrible death, but that requires no action on your part so we won’t discuss that option. The contamination could come in two levels. It could be in the form of a lethal dose in a matter of days or weeks or it could be low levels for many years that will eventually take your life.

What are your options for evacuation? You could buy a home in another country and get settled before a general evacuation is under way or you could wait to be evacuated by a government entity and hope for some type of permanent shelter. A mobile shelter might be a good option if you want to maintain some privacy and distance from the crowds of refugees that will result. A plane, train, RV or boat could be used as an evacuation vehicle/shelter. Most people do not have the means to buy a plane to utilize as a home but it is an option. A railroad car could be bought and converted into a home and you could have it hauled to your destination. An RV can be driven to just about any country in the western hemisphere and will provide you with reasonable mobility. A boat might be the best option for an evacuation vehicle/shelter giving you good mobility and shelter. With a well equipped sail boat you can travel to just about any place on earth as the situation dictates. With a boat you will not have the ability to plant a garden or raise a large amount of livestock but a few planters, a couple of chickens to produce eggs and a few rabbits are possible. This combined with the seafood you can catch can allow you to eat regularly.

For most Americans, relocating to the southern hemisphere is not possible for many reasons. It could be physical or financial disabilities that force you to remain in the U.S. to deal with the situation. Even if the government had the means to evacuate the entire U.S. , which it does not, you would live the remainder of your life as a refugee in a foreign country. If you evacuate, regardless of how, then you may be free of the hazard, but what do you do if you and your family are forced to stay and deal with the radiation? I haven’t seen anyone address that issue so let’s look at a few of the issues regarding sheltering in place.
The first thing you need to be concerned about is dose rate and total dose. Dose rate is the amount of radiation your body is absorbing on a continuous basis or how fast you are absorbing radiation. Total dose is the total amount you have already absorbed. Most people do not know it but the body has the ability to remove small amounts of absorbed radiation over time. Even in normal times the human body is constantly absorbing background radiation from many sources but the body is able to remove it fast enough to offset the effects. At certain levels, the total dose can start to cause physical problems in your body so in a radiological environment your primary concern is to limit your total dose. Depending on the type of radiation this can be done in different ways. Some radiation can be kept at bay with protective over-garments to keep the radiation away from your skin. Other types of radiation may require something more substantial such as several inches of concrete or steel or several feet of dirt.
When you are dealing with fallout from another location you may need to employ multiple types of protection during your daily routine. One thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to keep as much distance between you and the source of radiation as possible. If the outside air and surface is contaminated you want to remain inside behind as much shielding material as you can unless it is necessary to go outside. When you go out you need to keep your exposure time as short as possible. Limited exposure to low level radiation can be endured and survivable for a very long time if you have a good shelter to spend most of your time in.
If you are operating in a radiological environment on a regular basis you will need a dosimeter to carry with you at all times and record your daily total dose so you do not expose yourself to too much radiation. If you plan to do limited work in a contaminated environment, you will need the ability to decontaminate yourself upon reentry to your shelter. You need to plan for this ahead of time and have suitable room to accomplish this. The simplist method to decon yourself is brush or vacuum the dust particles from your equipment and to take a shower with hot soapy water placing special emphasis on hair and under nails where particles can accumulate.
One of the first things most people will say is, surviving in a shelter for months or years is impossible and unrealistic. It was also impossible to stay underwater in a sub for months at a time until nuclear powered subs were invented. Necessity is the mother of invention. If a person is forced to live in a contaminated area for an extended period of time they will figure out how to do so for as long as possible. Is it going to be easy? No. Is it going to be dangerous? Yes. Will you have huge obstacles to overcome? Yes. The question is , are you going to give up or fight to live? Remember, you can evacuate or stay, and if you stay for whatever reason you will have to figure out how to stay alive. You will need to figure out how to provide clean air, fresh water, food, energy and sanitation. Most taxpayers cannot afford to build a fallout shelter and stock it with a multi year food supply, partially due to the fact that they have had to finance well stocked shelters for the government. So, what is a person to do on a limited budget?
It’s like anything else a prepper has to do. You need to use your American ingenuity and develop a plan that will work for you. A basement would work with some additional shielding in the ceiling and around the windows. A dedicated fallout shelter in the backyard would be good too if you can afford the construction cost. Basically, something underground utilizing dirt and concrete would be the most effective method. Used cargo containers buried under a few feet of earth might work well also. Maybe you have access to an abandoned mine shaft you can build up into a shelter. It all depends on what resources you have access to. Even if you develop a plan to survive in a contaminated area, you need to keep in mind what kind of future you are looking forward to. Some contamination is dangerous for years or decades. What kind of life will be possible on the surface? How long will it be before the surface can be used again for plant and animal life? What kind of future will you be able to build underground? If you feel this is something you need to plan for, then you need to think about these questions. If you plan to survive a disaster such as this over the course of many years it will require a great deal of thought on your part. One of the difficulties in answering some of these questions is not knowing how much radiation you will have to deal with, so multiple plans may be necessary to determine the realistic ability to shelter in place under increasing contamination levels.

Fifty Tools and Technologies to Rebuild Civilization

By: Tom Chatham – Author of The Crux Event

The universe has no shortage of ways to hamper mans’ progress. Catastrophic disasters have happened on Earth before and they are likely to happen again in the future. This does not mean it is useless to try to improve the world we live in, it just means we need to be aware of the things we take for granted. There may come a day when we cannot just run to the store and pick them up. In a catastrophic scenario what would we need to rebuild our world and carry on? The following is a list of possible items that would allow us to restart our culture from scratch and move on again.

Disc Harrow
Seed Drill
Cotton Gin
Sheep Shears and Scissors
Sewing Needle
Spinning Wheel
Weaving Loom
Treadle Sewing Machine
Slide Rule
Printing Press
Paper Manufacturing
Manual Grain Mill
Butter Churn and Cream Separator
Oil Lamp
Wood Cook Stove
Manual Water Pump
Telegraph Keys
Vacuum Tube Radio Technology
Electrical Generator
Arc Welder
Vinyl Records
Mechanical Clock
Absorption Refrigeration
Steel Production
Metal Lathe
Drill Press
Milling Machine
Metal Shaper
Tempered Glass Production
Plastic Production
Rubber Production
Castor Oil Lubricants Production
Ethanol Production
Wire Production
Steam Engine
Steam Boiler

This list is subjective but it encompasses most of the technologies that we consider necessary to provide a good quality of life. It may not be possible for every person to learn all of the intricacies of all these technologies but the quest to learn as much about these things as you can is rewarding in and of itself. We must always work to better ourselves and the acquisition of knowledge is one of the ways to do this.

It’s Almost Time For Panic. Five disasters that can push humanity off the cliff.

So much is happening these days that it is hard for the average person to keep up. There are a number of situations developing around the world that we need to pay attention to.

Water aquifers and surface supplies are rapidly dwindling in the U.S. and are causing potential shortages in the southern mid-west and Californias’ Central valley. These two areas produce most of our vegetables and grain. Weather patterns are changing and seem to be reverting to patterns seen in the 1930’s which caused the dreaded dust bowl. Many of our rivers and lakes are now so polluted they are permanent dead zones for sea life. This potential water shortage is becoming more of a reality every year. Without water, nothing lives or grows, it’s as simple as that. As this problem becomes more pronounced, rationing will give way to fighting over the dwindling resource. This fighting will go from local to international in scope and everyone will be touched by it.

Genetically modified foods are touted as the cure all for higher crop yields yet the research shows that GM seeds produce no more than Non-GM seeds. These new seeds are modified to produce their own pesticides in some cases and these chemicals are still present when they go into our mouth. Some of these seeds are modified to resist new weed killers that can be applied liberally to fields. Some scientists are now claiming that this over use of weed killers are producing super weeds. Some of these weed killers are now linked to colony Collapse Disorder which is killing off most of our bees. Without bees to pollinate some crops, the yields drop substantially. Monsantos’ answer to this problem was to buy the research firm doing bee research and kill the bad publicity. These GM crops are also being linked to some health problems now prevalent in people. GM crops which are so widely used in the U.S. now are cross pollinating with heritage crops causing untold damage to the natural seeds beneficial qualities and destroying their reproductive capabilities. Once all of the heritage seeds have been contaminated our ability to save seeds and produce healthy crops will be destroyed forever.

The radiation hazard from Fukushima is becoming better known every day and it looks very bad. The damaged reactors are still spewing radiation into the air and water. Low levels of radiation have been recorded just about everywhere in the northern hemisphere and there are reports that there were a lot of deformities in newborns along the west coast following the event in 2011. Areas around Tokyo Bay are showing higher levels of radiation than there should be and some reports state that any further destruction of the Fukishima plant will be catastrophic for a large portion of the world. In the 1960’s when the Chinese tested their fist Atomic bombs the radiation from those tests showed up as far east as the Tennessee Valley where it was detected in milk from dairy cattle. The radiation from Japan is much worse and could cause serious damage to our food production if it continues unabated or gets worse. The radiation from Fukushima that is being dumped into the Pacific ocean is starting to show up in sea life on the U.S. coast. Scientists recently tested 15 blue fin tuna caught off the coast of California and determined the radiation they contained was 3% above normal background radiation. This radiation consisted of Cesium 134 and 137. These fish are older and the fish spawned off of Japan just after the event could have much more radiation as this is where they spend most of their early life. These fish should start showing up on the U.S. coast soon and give us some indication of the extent of the contamination to seafood.

Next to food and water one of the linchpins of modern civilization is electricity. With our ever increasing need for energy to run all of our electronic gadgets we leave ourselves open to a disaster of epic proportions by not taking the threat of a grid down situation seriously. Cyber warfare or an enemy EMP can send us 100 years into the past very quickly. Many take for granted the systems we rely on daily for our most basic needs. Food, water, transportation and communications rely on a carefully choreographed system of electronics to transport and distribute the things we need and any disruption of the delivery system can be catastrophic. It would only take a few days without electricity to cause discomfort and a few weeks to cause general desperation by most of the population. It’s been said that a year after an EMP 90% of the U.S. population would be dead. Too few Americans have the skills or infrastructure to care for themselves like our ancestors. Cyber terrorists and unfriendly governments around the world target the U.S. power grid on a daily basis looking for weak links and planting worms and back doors for later deployment. Our SCADA systems are not as secure as they should be and our enemies know it. In the opening hours of hostilities a potential enemy could shut down most of our systems causing untold physical damage to systems. In the event of an EMP laydown, the war would effectively be over as far as we are concerned. The nation could not wage war while simultaneously trying to provide basic necessities and maintain order for its’ entire population due to a failure of the distribution system. We have the knowledge to harden our systems to prevent this from happening but we fail to take the threat seriously. This is one of the few ways this nation could lose a war.

The U.S. has allowed itself to build a house of cards consisting of a fiat currency. History has shown that every fiat currency ever created has collapsed. The politicians print money to buy votes and the citizens happily support it in order to ride the gravy train to happiness. Americans lack of historical knowledge keeps them blind to the end result of this process and insures the end will be chaotic and destructive. As more money is printed the price of goods goes up and the buying power and standard of living goes down, until one day everything comes to a casualty producing halt. When this type of process happens it can take decades to repair the damage to the national economy and political change can result in a dramatic loss of freedoms.

All of these disasters share three things in common. They are man made. They are being covered up to some extent by corporations and governments. They will have a disastrous effect on large populations around the world when they happen and the truth becomes known.

Our air, water, financial and physical health and food supply are being contaminated and destroyed. The pillars of our technology are at risk We have the capability to fix these things but those that know the truth refuse to even acknowledge the problem and one has to ask why? Some disasters are beyond mans control but these are self inflicted injuries and we need to ask why? Who will benefit from these destructive acts? Why would we do this to ourselves and posterity?

Anyone that finds these things alarming should take precautions now to limit the damage to their family in the coming years. Buying or building filtering systems for your air and water, putting aside some heritage seeds for future use and taking steps to preserve your wealth are just some of the things you need to consider now while you still have the ability to shape future outcomes for your family. The end of normal times is near. When the general population is finally confronted with the truth they will panic because it will be too late to make any meaningful changes and resources will be in short supply. When the population panics, don’t be part of the group. Be some place safe.