U.S. Veterans : American Patriots and Cannon Fodder

By: Tom Chatham – Author of The American Dream Lost

On this Memorial Day we remember our veterans as always but how much does the average American really think about the sacrifices that have been made in their name. Many veterans are returning home with brain damage, missing limbs and sometimes in coffins, but does the average American even care? As Americans go about their daily lives they are consumed by iphones and facebook in this over pasteurized, homogenized and genetically modified world we now live in. They stare at TV screens in mindless repetition every day and are oblivious to all but their own lives.

The backlog of veteran claims is over 900,000 and they are now finding they have to fight to get benefits they were promised when they joined. Vets with arms and legs missing are having to fight for the disability compensation they should have. Billions of dollars are given to companies that go bankrupt only months later while the VA system implodes from the massive numbers of wounded from our wars of opportunity around the world. To our politicians, veterans are nothing more than cannon fodder to feed their lust for power and money. It was not that long ago that President Obama suggested that veterans should pay for their own health care. Veterans are being physically and financially destroyed because of their service to this country but that isn’t enough for these parasites in Washington.

The veterans are getting fed up with their treatment by those in power and that is one reason they are being labled as potential terrorists by this government. They no longer support the illegal actions of the government and military hierarchy. They are now a potential threat to the illegal actions of this government and that is why they are being ignored and marginalized. As the workhorse of American defense they are being sent to the glue factory once they are of no more use. These people volunteered to defend this nation fully knowing the dangers they faced and all they asked was to get paid and be cared for when injured, and this nation cannot even do that simple job anymore. When there is no one left to stand up for our values and defend our God given rights, the American people will have no one to blame but themselves. People need to remember that on Memorial Day.

Tom Chatham is a former Platoon Sergeant and Army Instructor who served in Iraq.


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