Your Plan is The Primary Prep

By: Tom Chatham – Author of The American Dream Lost

Only a small percentage of the population in this country is preparing for bad times or emergencies but that amounts to a few million people. Every person is living in a different place and in a different situation. Every person has a slightly different priority and a different amount of means to finance their preparations. Because of this not everyone has the exact same plan and the same plan will not work equally well for everyone. There are many common items and ideas that can benefit people across many different plans but your plan needs to be tailored to you and your situation. Many including myself have their wish list of future purchases but the most important thing you need first is a plan that relies on what you have and what you know at this point in time. If you sit down and list all of the possible emergencies that you are preparing to handle and make note of what you have on hand to deal with each one, you will be able to war game a plan that you can put into action right now at a moments notice with what you have. As an example I live on the east coast. If one of my scenarios involves a mega tsunami forcing me to leave and possibly lose my home and property, what would I do with my available resources? My plan might be to load my truck and small trailer with everything that I will need to take care of myself for at least the next year. I would list what I need to take starting with valuables such as important papers and currency. My next items would be food and cooking gear. Next would be clothing and camping gear. Then would come guns and ammo, household supplies, livestock and supplies, tools, kitchen supplies, food prep and storage, garden tools, books, electronics and furniture in that order. I won’t have room to carry all of these things but with a prioritized list I can pack until I have no more room and not have to waste time deciding what goes next. I would leave and head to a specific town in the mountains of Virginia and await the outcome of the event. If I were unable to return because the roads and bridges were destroyed along with all of the infrastructure my next move would be to find a small piece of property to buy. The sudden chaos of an event such as this would leave many refugees and they would be in a state of shock for a while after it happened. Once the shock wore off they would all be looking for new housing or property and this would force up the price very quickly so I would want to find property before this initial shock wore off. I would also need a hard shelter to live in so I would buy some lumber and construct a small shelter on my trailer that I could live in until something bigger could be built. This is just an example but it gives you an idea of what you need to consider. To sit down and make a plan such as this will not cost you anything but time and all you need is a pencil and paper to write it down. Even if you don’t have a lot of preps, a simple plan can be the difference between getting through a disaster with mild discomfort or suffering terribly because you didn’t know what to do and lost most of your resources because of it. As the head of a household it is your responsibility to care for your family no matter what the situation throws at you so it is irresponsible not to at least have a plan to care for your family. You can argue that you don’t have the money to buy supplies but there is no excuse for not having a written plan of action. By having a written plan you can identify the critical items that you should get first that will have the most benefit in an emergency. With a written plan for each type of emergency, you can identify the common items that are needed for a majority of situations. Having the knowledge of what to do when disaster strikes will help you remain calm and work through the situation with the least amount of difficulty. Remaining calm and knowing what to do will also help your family remain calm when they see that you have the situation under control. For want of a nail, a shoe was lost, and then the battle. Do not overlook your plan. It is the cheapest form of insurance you can get.


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