America is About to Be Taken Over!

By: Tom Chatham – Author of The American Dream Lost

Recent events are beginning to take shape and they look ominous for the USA. Many have no doubt heard about the Chinese Free Trade zones they are trying to set up in the US. They have been buying large tracts of land in several states and these would be built up into small Chinese cities. These cities would be largely self sufficient and populated by Chinese workers, which would do nothing for American unemployment numbers. These zones would also be largely outside of US laws and control allowing them to do many things we would not allow otherwise. They have also spent hundreds of millions on commercial and residential projects in the US.
The China National Offshore Oil Corporation and Sinopec Corporation, both which are wholly owned or controlled by the Chinese government, have been buying large stakes in US oil and gas lands. They recently bought a one third share in Chesapeake Energy Corps 800,000 acres of leased properties in Colorado and Wyoming. They have also purchased large shares in energy properties in Louisiana, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma and Texas.
The Fed recently approved the purchase of an 80% stake in The Bank of East Asia U.S.A. in New York City by Chinas largest bank and two other Chinese firms. This bank has 13 branches in New York and California. The Fed also approved an application by Bank of China to set up a branch in Chicago and the Agricultural Bank of China Limited to establish a branch in New York City. The ability of the Chinese to buy U.S. banks doesn’t sound so bad until you add it to the next bit of recent news.
Wall Street banks have been secretly taking over U.S. firearms and ammo manufacturers and the worlds largest mercenary firms to include Dynacorp and Academi. Banks such as Citibank, BOA, Barclays and Deutsche Bank have provided huge funding to two private Wall St. equity firms , Cerberus and Veritas Equity which use umbrella companies such as Freedom Corp. which has engaged in stealth takeovers of manufacturers such as Remington, Cobbs, H&R, Marlin, Dakota and Bushmaster. They also seem to have large stakes in companies involved in the “Crowd Control Industry”.
DHS has ordered about 450 million rounds of ammo and there are stories that the Feds are preparing detention camps in the U.S. in preparation for a possible civil war. It’s no secret that law enforcement in this country have become very militarized and are preparing for something. That leaves the citizens to speculate on what may happen next. Consider this if you will.
If another financial crisis takes place in the U.S. that leaves the major banks in trouble, the Chinese are now in a position to step in and buy them at fire sale prices. Any assets that these banks own will then be under the control of the Chinese government. If a full blown collapse of the Dollar happens the Chinese will be in the position to offer us the use of the Yuan as a currency to help stabilize the situation. Given the option of starving or using Chinese money most Americans would use the money in a second. If the elites decide they want the SDR as a new currency and the Chinese own most of the large banks they could agree to funnel the SDRs through their banks with the condition that the Yuan is made part of the basket of currencies. This is something the Chinese have been pushing for a while.
The elite will do what they must to preserve their wealth. Anyone that knows the dollar is going to crash will convert their paper assets into hard assets before it happens. When you start to see people buy factories and railroads and raw materials on a large scale that is a good indicator that things are about to fall apart. It is not beyond the elites to make a deal with the Chinese to “facilitate” a takeover in exchange for access to the Yuan. Having access to a large supply of Yuan following a collapse of the Dollar would give the elites the ability to start their game anew in the U.S. Even if we went to the SDR, if the Yuan is included in the basket of currencies , access to Yuan would mean access to the SDR.
The Chinese have large new cities that stand empty as they await a new middle class to fill them. The Chinese need lots of raw materials to feed their growing population and their modern factories. China only needs to build up its’ middle class to replace the U.S. as a major market. With the BRICS countries increasing their market share in the world, the U.S. will continue to decline until we are just another third world nation to be strip mined and looted.
The recent news that J P Morgan has lost a lot of money lately has given rise to the prospect that the massive number of derivatives are about to collapse. If this happens many banks will go down and leave themselves ripe for Chinese picking. Even if the Chinese did not buy any large banks, a major bank collapse would make the Chinese banks the last solvent banks standing in the country. The politicians in this country only care about money and power and will work for whoever can give it to them. Most of them would have no trouble working for the Chinese and enforcing their will on Americans. It’s sad to say but that’s how it is. China wants our natural resources and will get them once we are reduced to a third world nation. A Chinese official recently said about Australia that they would have to decide who they are going to work with in the future, the U.S. or China, and it will likely be whoever is stronger. The U.S. is no longer its’ own master. It would only take one really bad crisis to lose everything we have. I hope I’m very wrong about this outcome but if not, it might be a good time to start learning Mandarin.

Update: The Chinese company Wanda has announced it will buy AMC, the second largest theater chain in the U.S.

Update 5/30/2012 – A recent article on reports that china condemns U.S. gun ownership as a human rights violation.


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