Animal Farm of America

By: Tom Chatham – Author of The American Dream Lost

The story Animal Farm reads almost like a blueprint for modern America. The Farm animals ran off the farmer who built the farm in order to have their own better farm. You have a small group leading the larger group now that tells the masses exactly what they need to hear to keep producing while the leaders become convinced that they know what’s best for everyone. The elite are convinced they are better than the masses and use the fact that they have risen to the top as proof of that. These elites , many of whom worked their way up from the bottom , are now making laws and regulations that prevent anyone else from rising from the bottom. They change the rules as they go to suit themselves and their friends. They enjoy the finer things while forcing the rest to suffer from want of basic things.
They only keep the masses educated enough to do their jobs and follow orders. They use the masses to improve their own lives and positions and when the workers are no longer productive they send them to the glue factory. They sell them the big lie that all animals are equal while some are more equal than others. The animals are starting to wake up to this fact. The pigs are trying to get all that they can and live in the illusion that they control it all. Some of the animals are quietly beginning to stock up on hickory chips. If the pigs continue to increase their totalitarian rule, the animals are going to tire of it after a while and start smoking some hams.


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