And Then, What Are You Prepared To Do?

By: Tom Chatham – Author of The American Dream Lost

In the movie The Untouchables, Elliot Ness tells Malone that he wants to take down Capone. Malone asks Ness what he is prepared to do. Everything within the limits of the law replies Ness. Malone replies, and then what are you prepared to do? Working within the law to solve a problem only works when everyone is equal in the eyes of the law. What do you do when some consider themselves above the law and the law treats them differently?
When law enforcement personnel arrest someone for filming them or exercising their first amendment rights and these people are detained, humiliated and released without any charges or someone is killed when the police serve a warrant on the wrong house, and the officers are not even reprimanded, what is your recourse? You could try to sue but this is expensive and the system is usually biased in the favor of the officers. You could report this abuse in the media , and alert others to this abuse putting some pressure on law enforcement. But does this really change their behavior? It is a fact of human nature that people are resistant to change unless they suffer some type of pain be it physical, financial or emotional. Actions have consequences and unless someone suffers from their bad actions they will continue these abuses as always.
Where does this leave the average American that faithfully tries to follow the law to insure peace in the community. I’m not talking about skimping on your taxes or not coming to a complete stop at the sign. I’m talking about actions that take something away from everyone when they are perpetrated. When someone looses a bit of their freedom or security, we all lose some. These things are a limited resource just like everything else and unless they are safeguarded they will run out. If you should one day have to tell your children that there is no more fresh water to drink or no more food to eat this would be a life threatening situation, but what if instead you had to tell them they had no more freedom or security. Would this too be a life threatening situation? It may very well be. It is the difference between being a sheep dog and a sheep. This is the difference between defending yourself in your home or calling the police for help after the fact if you are still alive. This is what a control grid wants. Do nothing unless you are given permission first.
When a select group decides what they will allow you to do should you submit or resist? Most people will do what they are told just to avoid the hassle. This goes back to human nature. Most people will obey until it begins to cause them pain in some way. The abuse of freedom in this country is at an all time high but it has not caused enough pain yet to enough people to elicit a response. I think the response is coming very soon. Just like stretching a rubber band and then releasing it, I think the reaction to oppression in this country is going to be swift and violent at some point. This response could be in the form of protests, civil disobedience or something worse. I would not be surprised to turn on the TV one day and hear of a large number of law enforcement personnel or federal agents ending up on the bad end in a number of shootouts. And just like a weather announcement that starts a mad rush to the grocery store, violent acts against law enforcement could spike within 72 hours nationwide. It could be the proverbial shot heard round the world. This would be a very bad turn of events . If the pain of oppression becomes too much for too many people, anything could happen at any time. What would you do if someone came to take your livestock that provides your income, confiscate those dangerous guns that you have or break in and serve a warrant on your house by mistake and then decide to have a look around since they are already there? Everyone has their own line drawn in the sand somewhere that would elicit a response of some kind. If current trends continue, at some point your line could be crossed, and then, what are you prepared to do?


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