The Future Will Be Three Dimensional So Plan That Way

By: Tom Chatham – Author of The American Dream Lost

It seems that most people that have devised a survival plan to weather the coming storm seem to think that they have the only plan that will work for everyone. No one plan will work equally well for everyone regardless what some may think. Every person and every situation is different. The best that you can do is to listen to all of the suggestions and choose the ones that will work for you. It is also evident that most people have what I call a one dimensional plan which means they base all of their plans on one situation that they have envisioned and expect the world to end in some way and stay that way forever. Even with societal collapse and civil disorder at some point in the future we will exit the crisis and the situation will stabilize at some point. This stabilization may be very different from the pre crisis events or the midterm living conditions and this is where the three dimensional view comes into play. Some already have plans to stock barter items for trade when it becomes possible. These are the ones that have moved beyond the one dimensional view. They realize the world will go on in some way and are preparing themselves for it but this only brings you to the second dimension.
When the situation stabilizes it will be because a group of people have brought about this stabilization. This stabilization may take a number of different forms. You may have a large number of small stabil areas brought under control by a local citizen militia while the areas in between remain dangerous until a proper government is formed to deal with it. Stabilization could be the result of warlords or organized gangs taking control of large areas and subjugating everyone within with force. Stabilization could result because of the present government remaining all powerful and subjugating everyone under permanent martial law.
Regardless of how stabilization takes place , those that live through it will need a plan to deal with this new reality. Not knowing exactly how the future will play out prevents you from making any specific long range plans so you will need to remain as flexible as possible. Many of the plans that people have are good for a certain type of crisis but they may not be flexible enough to maintain them on the other side. What if things stabilize and you find that you no longer have the right to own any land? What happens to that well stocked homestead if the new government decides to move you? Don’t think that could happen? You might want to consider the land redistribution that has happened in Africa the last few decades where prosperous farmers were run off of their land and it was divided up among the locals. If something like this should happen , then you need a plan to preserve your critical infrastructure , such as tools , machines and animals , so you will be able to care for yourself and your family and continue to produce a product to sell. You need to determine now where you would go and how you would live.
Yes, you could fight to the death but once this type of government has taken control it’s too late to win without a long protracted war of attrition. The time to stop it is before it gets too powerful. Or what if they try the old soviet tactic of taking all of the food you produce and leaving you to starve? The prevention of these kinds of scenarios is the reason you need to think in three dimensional terms. Your plans may carry you through the worst of the crisis but will you be able to adjust to life on the other side? If things do stabilize for the better then you will need a product or skill to barter. Have you planned for that? If the government totally collapses will you wait around for someone to reestablish it their way or will your community pull together and rebuild it the way you want? How do you plan to live if you find yourself under the rule of a dictatorship? When I try to solve a complex problem , I try to tear it down to the smallest component, then look at it from all angles. Once you do this with all of the components , then reassemble the problem , you have a basic plan to work from. Thinking is free, at least for now , and it can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. You need to give these things some thought because after a crisis things will stabilize, and that is something that I don’t think anyone is preparing for.


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  1. Good food for thought

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