The National Guard Will Be the Deciding Factor

By: Tom Chatham – Author of The American Dream Lost

Every day we see new laws and regulations coming out of Washington that can have no other meaning than to strip us of our inherent freedoms. While many Americans still see the government as a noble creature that will fulfill their needs and wants, it is becoming obvious to a small minority that something very evil lurks just over the horizon and out of full view. To attempt to warn the majority is an attempt in futility. Many will refuse to believe the truth even as they are marched to their death. The propaganda organs are in full swing and that is all most will acknowledge as if a narcotic providing their next high and feeling of relief from the harsh realities of the world. The minority feel they must prepare as best as they can for the coming cataclysm they view as inevitable. They are prepared to resist the tyranny they feel approaching with everything they have. The words, our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor resonate to the very heart of what these patriots stand for. Without freedom, there is no life worth living that would provide a meaningful existence. These patriots are prepared to fight if necessary to protect what rightfully belongs to them.
If the government decides to take that which it does not own, the situation could devolve into a bloody gorilla war all across this nation. The federals would call into action all assets they have at their disposal to fight this resistance including foreign troops and hired mercenaries that have no compunction about shooting Americans. The civilian resistance could blunt and even overwhelm the federal civilian forces but the active military forces would bring a new element into play with their weapons and tactics. It is reasonable to expect a number of these federal troops to refuse orders against their own countrymen but the number is unknown at this point and many troops would indeed follow orders if they determined it to be in their best interest.
The one wild card in this game will be the National Guard units scattered around the country. There are only a few dozen active duty army bases scattered around the nation but there are about 3,200 National Guard armories with a compliment of weapons and troops. With the reduction of forces after Desert Storm, over 60% of the army combat arms troops now reside in the National Guard. These are the front line trigger pullers whose job it is to close with and engage the enemy. These include infantry, armor, artillery, air defense artillery and army aviation . It has been said before that you cannot hold real estate without boots on the ground and these combat arms personnel are the ones that do that. This is why the army cannot conduct large scale combat operations anywhere in the world without involving the National Guard forces .
If National Guard forces alone decide to honor their oath and stand with their communities, the federals will have a difficult time trying to overwhelm and passify the nation at large. These citizen soldiers live and work in the communities where they serve and the act of turning their weapons on their family members and neighbors is something many would not be willing to do. But even this cannot be guaranteed. Even with all active duty forces aligned against the civilian population this citizen soldier element has the means to bring it to a standstill. The citizen soldiers and their civilian allies are the one and only thing that can guarantee our continued freedom. How the National Guard reacts to any type of Martial Law proclamation from Washington will determine the fate of the nation to a large degree.
If it becomes evident to the federals that they do not have the cooperation and complete control of the National Guard forces, you could expect them to attempt to disarm the guard troops by locking them out of their armories and motor pools and attempting to secure this equipment. It is unknown at this time how effective that tactic would be but it would be a sign to the civilian population that conflict is not far off. A similar tactic would involve starting a major war overseas and deploying most of these troops to the combat theatre to get them out of the way and keep them under control. This would allow government controlled forces freedom of movement in the U.S. To even have to suggest this kind of potential scenario happening in this country is frightening , but it is the type of world we now live in. This monster called tyranny must be put back in its’ box before it consumes us all. Only time will tell how the next chapter of American history will evolve , but we can only hope that God is generous in our time of need.


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