Monthly Archives: February 2012

Preparing for the new paradigm

The paradigm we now have must change because it is unsustainable. Not just from an environmental point but business as well. The paradigm we used in this country for many years made us the most prosperous nation in the world. It gave us a high standard of living and good jobs. We have been blessed with an abundance of natural resources and good land but they have not been used in a sustainable way. We have the ability to make our energy systems more efficient and our products last longer to make better use of our resources. The business model that gave us our standard of living was based on producing products and jobs here that allowed us to service our debt. Now that the jobs and production are located overseas, our debt system is collapsing along with our standard of living. As the system collapses, the transnational conglomerates and financial networks are squeezing the people for everything they can get from them while they can. The government is not helping matters by squeezing taxpayers for all they can get to attempt to keep their ponzi schemes going. When the paradigm shifts, those that are not ready for it will have a difficult time to say the least. The best case scenario is for jobs and the goods they produce to become localized,debt to be low or non-existent and government to be small and unobtrusive. The worst case scenario is for business and government to attempt to retrench to maintain power and control of the people. This could cause violence and large scale property damage. It could lead to a situation resembling something between a revolution and a civil war. This outcome would be very costly in lives. The outcome of the shift will depend on what the people do or fail to do. If business and government are allowed ultimate control after the shift occurs then people will continue to be their victims for the foreseeable future. The shift will be a very difficult time. The only way to reduce the hardships will be for individuals to be as self sufficient as possible. Once it beginsĀ  the distribution system will cease to function efficiently or stop completely. It could be a long time before the production and distribution systems are reestablished. For individuals to come through the shift they will need to have a basic supply of goods and some sort of production capability. This could be in the form of food, fuel, clothing or technical skills. Security will also be an issue that people will need to plan for during this shift. The last paradigm shift that compares to this one came in the 1930’s only this one will be much worse. Anyone that does not prepare will suffer the consequences. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.