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The Battle of Bunkerville

By: Tom Chatham

The events of the day are not extraordinary or surreal but are repugnant to anyone who defends human rights. If we had a Republican president I would expect PETA to be out in force defending the helpless cattle but since it is a Democrats decision it must be ok. This is how things work in a feudal system.

This may not be a Bunker Hill or a Concord, but it will be a Newton Station if the federals have their way. This is a battle not just to flaunt raw power but to break the spirit of resistance inbred in most true Americans. If the federals are able to destroy all of Mr. Bundy’s cattle then simply get in their vehicles and drive away, they will have won the battle. They will have succeeded in once again showing Americans the federal government can do whatever it wants and not suffer any consequences.

If this was a simple case of denying use of federal lands to an individual, they could just as easily herd the cattle back to Mr. Bundy’s land and put up a fence. But that would not deprive Mr. Bundy of his livelihood and source of revenue. The destruction of his personal property and future ability to fight off the federal government will be insured by these actions. He would be forced out like the rest.

With actions come consequences. The federal government has the notion that their actions are immune from any significant consequences. If the federals are not prevented from removing these cattle from the area then there need to be consequences. The only consequences that they could suffer that would mean anything to them would be the prevention of any of them leaving the area in a vertical position or leaving in hand cuffs.

Since many people are defending the government actions because they are acting according to the law then the governments own rules should be used against them. Many states recognize many of their citizens as members of the unorganized militia according to their state constitution. This makes them military personnel. These legal militia members need to detain these government agents for terrorist actions under section 1021 of the NDAA. Under that provision these men can be detained indefinitely without charges. If the government does not think they have the authority they can take it to court. During the years it takes to go through the court system these men can rot in a jail cell.

Everyone hopes this situation will end in a peaceful way but if it does that means someone must lose this battle. Either Mr. Bundy will lose his cattle or the government will lose the grip of fear they have on the country. Someone will have to back down to have a peaceful settlement and I don’t see the federals doing that willingly.

If the people in Bunkerville do not prevent the removal of stolen cattle from their community they will be the defacto losers. That is what most people do not see. Many times the enemy will try your defenses to see what reaction they get. They will continue to push you more and more until they get a response. This tells them what they can do to you before you respond. That is what the federals are doing right now. They are constantly pushing Americans more every time they act to see where your line is drawn.

As Bismarck once said, the great questions of the day will be answered not with speeches or majority votes, but by blood and iron. If the people of America allow the government to get away with this scott free, they might as well pack up their resolve and go home and never utter another disrespectful word against their masters again.

Will Alaskan Troops Be Sacrificed?

By: Tom Chatham

Recent revelations from a Russian official have made the prospect of a Russian controlled Alaska a future possibility.

A recent article by Dave Hodges indicates that Putin may be planning to eventually take control of eastern Europe once again. If that happens the only viable move the U.S. could make would be to invade Syria and then Iran to prop up the petrodollar for a while longer. If the U.S. attempted that Russia would retaliate by invading Alaska. It is suggested that President Obama would make no effort to defend Alaska should this happen. Is that possible?

There are reports from Alaska natives that foreign troops are present in many towns in Alaska but no one knows why. For the past two decades the U.S. has moved toward giving several islands along with fishing rights and mineral resources near Alaska to Russia. There is currently a petition on the White House site to give Alaska back to Russia.

Russia seeks to be a world dominating power and in order for it to do that it needs more warm weather ports. That is why the Crimea is so important to them right now. Alaska would provide a good location for Pacific domination. The location and the mineral resources located there would be a boon for the Russian navy.

If Russia invades Alaska, what will the troops stationed there get in the way of help from the lower 48? The answer may be nothing. This may be the effects of the downfall of the dollar. An invasion of Alaska by Russian forces would provoke a violent backlash from the American public unless they are too preoccupied with feeding themselves to care. A collapse of the dollar just prior to such an event would get it little notice by most Americans as they fight for basic necessities that suddenly get cut off by hyperinflation or shutdown of the delivery system or both.

The recent positioning by Russia and China are leading to the probability that they will dump the dollar soon and cause unmitigated chaos in this nation. If that happens nothing is off the table as the U.S. will be in no position to continue overseas operations. This combined with possible cyber attacks on our banking system and power grid would almost guarantee infighting within the U.S as people scramble for supplies to survive. This is the worst case scenario for the U.S. and everything seems to be falling into place.

There are numerous military units in Alaska and they would be able to put up resistance for a while but without resupply and reinforcements they would be on borrowed time. The only unknown variable at this time is whether the military establishment would defy Washington and go to the aid of Alaska or just fall back and allow events to unfold. I know many of the lower ranks in the military would not want to sit idly by as this happens but without coordination from higher echelon commanders, any movement to aid Alaska would not be possible. This may be a highly unlikely scenario but I would advise military units in Alaska to be on alert for this possibility and have a fallback plan, just in case.

Given the corruption and possible treason being committed in Washington today by numerous elected officials, this is something we must be prepared to address in the future if events come to pass. As time goes on and events continue to unfold, the unlikely becomes more of a reality.

Here We Go Again

By: Tom Chatham

While I feel for the people in Ukraine, I know we need to stay out of there. These people are the latest pawns in the banker controlled world of lies and deception. These banker parasites have now apparently stolen 33 tons of Ukraine gold and sent it to their vaults in NY. These bankers have spent the last few decades stealing the world blind using their fiat money and now that it is about to crash once and for all they want a new world war to cover up their crimes.

This new war is being urged on by none other than the likes of John McCain. One would think that after the experience he had in Vietnam he would be against sending American soldiers into another dubious war but I guess power and money can buy a clear conscience. The war drums are beating and its only a matter of time before something blows up and coalesces the brainwashed masses into supporting it.

The chess pieces are being moved around in preparation for a stunning move in the not so distant future. The annexation of Crimea, a missing Boeing 777, a weak American dialogue, Turkey threatening to close the Bosporus to Russia, a single U.S. destroyer in the Baltic, reduction of the American military and economic sanctions that are destined to backfire are all part of the grand strategy. When the move comes someone is going to lose some important pieces and this will set up the final checkmate where Americans will be the likely losers.

Those that feel the need to prepare at this point are probably of the same opinion as I that it is too late to stop this train wreck. Perhaps the best that we can do is to amass and store all of the pertinent data to insure when this worldwide cataclysm is over and the dust finally settles in the years to come that all of the information is available to identify those responsible and fit them for a new rope necktie. It is a foregone conclusion that all information and records that might reveal the bankers for what they are will be destroyed in the events to come just as building 7 was destroyed to cover up misappropriations at the Pentagon.

In the days to come here is just one more tidbit to think about. If the U.S. is attacked by a major power that plans total destruction here, that attack will likely be preceded by an EMP laydown. In the event that happens for any reason the 104 nuclear power plants in the U.S. and the 70,000 tons of spent fuel next to them will create one gigantic dirty bomb that will have global implications when loss of coolant eventually causes multiple nuclear fires. This would not only wipe out the U.S. but the attackers as well regardless of location. The only way for them to prevent that is to have a plan to seize control of those plants and prevent coolant loss. If an attack is in the cards the nuclear plants will be the thing to watch for unusual traffic.

The chances of a monumental loss of life increases every day from this point forward and it will be all most can do to insure their survival and that of their family. No amount of planning will likely prepare us for the destruction to come but it is necessary to do what we can to live to fight another day when numbers will be important to our future freedom. Our future is up to us and it is in dire jeopardy at this time. We must learn the lessons from the past and make every day count from now on. Time is the great equalizer and America is fast becoming irrevelant in the world.

Fight, Flight or Surrender

By: Tom Chatham

When you are confronted with a hostile or dangerous situation, you have three choices. The type of person you are will determine which option you choose. Your response to a crisis is largely determined by how you have lived your life. The influence of family, peers, environment and knowledge will combine to provide you with a unique perspective to react to the situation. How you process all of these inputs will evolve into a belief system for your surroundings. This is why many people react to situations in many different ways.

These inputs will create the comfort zone you are capable of living in. The larger your comfort zone, the more capable you are to respond to a crisis. This comfort zone also determines what your response is to certain dangers. It may be natural for most people to choose flight when they find themselves in a burning building but when these same people are confronted with an armed burglar coming into their home the response will be varied.

When this complicated belief system is used, you must decide the proper response and react. You must decide if the potential loss is worth the potential gain in any action you take. This will determine what form your response takes.

When you apply this to the current situation in America where government tyranny is growing you have three choices to deal with the threat.

Those that surrender are those that are willing to go along to get along. This may work out for a while until these people become a liability to the government and then they are eliminated. Those that surrender are usually willing to sell out their neighbors for the prospect of saving themselves and prolonging any hardship.

Those that take to flight are those that are not willing to stand for their beliefs if they in fact have any and want to take the easy way out. The problem with flight is that the problems you are leaving behind may someday find you again. This is true if we are in fact facing a new world order that seeks to control everybody and everything. The ability to leave the current environment to find safety has a definite expiration date when escape is possible. There are many that have prospered in the American system and now feel compelled to flee in order to protect what they have earned. They may feel they owe America nothing or they may be repositioning themselves to help from outside the nation when the time comes. Only time will tell what their true intentions are.

Those that are prone to flight to escape hardship have a tendency to be people that want a lot out of life but do not want to endure any suffering. They want all of the rewards without the cost. Their mentality is such that self preservation at all costs is more important than their beliefs. This is not the same as someone who merely repositions themselves to better their defensive position to fight perceived danger.

Those that are determined to fight are those that have deep beliefs and are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to defend what they believe. These types typically have a large comfort zone and are willing to take many chances to achieve their goals. While some flight may be necessary at times they will always be ready to reenter the fight when they determine it is advantageous. When the decision to fight is reached it is because some type of tipping point is reached where they are not willing to make any more concessions to their belief system.

In the situation Americans now find themselves in, they must now ask, what are they willing to fight for and what is their tipping point. If they choose flight then that window is rapidly closing. For those willing to go along to get along they must decide what they are willing to betray to get by. For those that choose to fight when the time comes they must determine what form the fighting will take and arm themselves accordingly while they can. Now is the time to determine what your comfort zone is and if it should be expanded. Now is the time to determine what you will do and when you will do it. Now is the time to determine what you stand for.

Far better it is to dare mighty things, than to take rank with those poor timid spirits that know neither victory nor defeat.

Theodore Roosevelt

It’s Revocation or Revolution

By: Tom Chatham

The core of all the financial and moral damage done to the U.S. over the past few decades can be traced back to the abuse of federal powers by government officials at all levels. Government has slowly usurped the constitution by adding and interpreting powers it never had. The lack of education by recent generations has allowed this transformation to occur right in plain sight with little or no outcry. The government has enabled this complicity by the population by literally buying it. The sale of freedom and personal rights was never so cheaply bought.

The money changers and printers of false prosperity have stolen the physical wealth of the nation for decades and the end is in sight. The wealth many think they have will soon be revealed for the illusion it is. The savings of a nation have already been looted and now resides in the possession of others. The destruction of financial records and savings accounts will be the conclusion of this grand show of manipulation and outright theft.

The result will be unmitigated chaos and destruction as a nation of soft malcontents loses all of the distractions that keep them quiet and controlled. The masses will suddenly rush into the streets to acquire the things they need and no longer can afford. The final act of treason will be the elimination of the constitution and its protections as government seizes total control under the guise of saving the nation from itself. Most of the people will fall to their knees and hail it as a great event as government assumes the role of caring uncle.

A ruling body, regardless of the type , only has the power allowed to it by the people under its control. Even the threat of force will only carry a tyranny so far. When the people finally say no more, that effectively begins the reduction of the rulers ability to fully control a nation. Control is only possible when the majority comply and the rest can be coerced by the amount of force available to the ruler.

In the case of the U.S. the people must first come to the revelation that they have the power to revoke government power just by saying no. When the populace decides to revoke the legislative power granted to the federal government the federal power will then be limited to the amount of physical force it can project on the population. The current buildup of federal agencies is clearly a sign the federals know this eventuality will soon come to pass and they are preparing for it. If the people speak out in a unified voice before the preparations are complete the federals will have limited options. If the people do not voice their opinions in time there will only be one option left to them to restore the constitutional protections that is their birthright.

Unfortunately, the current disposition of the masses indicate that any collective act against government overreach is unlikely until it is too late leaving the final option to be utilized.

If revolution comes it will be born in the dark of night with a crash of the door as federals attempt to force their way into your home. Those that present the greatest threat to federal authority will be the first on the battlefield as they awake to the sound of a thundering hoard bearing down on them as they attempt to protect their families. These first few martars will be the alarm that activates the prepared masses for a long and bloody revolt.

The federals will likely take down the communications ability of the masses prior to military engagement to prevent the dissemination of information over long distances. Any type of grid failure or EMP type attack should be viewed as just such a signal to act.

The revocation of federal power at the state or county level is the only option to rebuke the federal position of lawlessness in a peaceful way. As a last line of defense, county governments revoking federal authority in their jurisdictions must be able to project sufficient force to back up their actions. A sufficient number of county governments revoking federal power will form the nucleus of a future resistance that will either grow to overwhelm federal control or succumb to federal forces and never rise again. The more territory a resistance element holds, the more federal forces it will take to subdue that area. The only way to remove federal control permanently is to force them to use more forces than they have, depleting their pool of manpower while eventually removing corrupt officials from office.

The tea party has noble goals but the attempt to replace federal officials is a futile gesture at this point. The federal levers of control have already been bought and paid for by those that are truly in control. The best that true patriots can do is to take back the nation one county at a time by installing a constitutional sheriff and county officials in local elections. Once enough counties are controlled the state level can be pursued. The majority of the population that sold itself into serfdom will resist any changes until they suffer sufficient pain and deprivation to make them want a change. This is the battle patriots are now fighting with various levels of success.

There is always a peaceful way to resolve most situations but that window is rapidly closing. Bismark may have been right. The great questions of the day will be answered not with speeches or majority votes, but by blood and iron.

Will The U.S. Constitution Be Replaced With Sharia Law?

By: Tom Chatham

As one follows the trail of destruction taking place in the U.S. a clearer picture is beginning to develop. The speculation that the U.S. is slowly being destroyed by internal forces has some merit.

It has been insinuated that the global elite wish to destroy the U.S. and its constitution. They wish to take it below third world status and insure it will never rise again to offer any resistance to their rule. Even with a total takedown of the American system it would be difficult to prevent any serious attempt by the people to rebuild the nation unless something else was put in its place to insure that would not happen. Any type of western government would provide the possibility to move toward the past ideals of America so something else must be used. The destruction of American ideals which are based on Christian beliefs and the ideals of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness must be eliminated completely with no possibility of reemerging.

The war on Christianity in America has many confused and taken in a different light may make more sense. The slowly changing demographics in the U.S. offer the opportunity to change the type of government and religion practiced openly in this country. As Christianity is being pushed aside the Islamic faith is being given a special protected status to ensure it overwhelms everything else with time. The increasing population of Muslims coming into this country and the rising incidents of Muslims acting in accordance with Sharia Law in direct defiance to U.S. law is but one warning sign that should be heeded.

In 1998 Omar Ahmad, co-founder/board chairman of the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) said publicly, “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran should be the highest authority in America and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.”

In a 2011 report, the Center for Security Policy found 50 “significant” published appellate court cases where Sharia Law entered the courts decision making.

Former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy wrote, “American elites still deal with Sharia as just a religious system, when in fact it is as totalitarian a political program as ever were those of Communism, Fascism, National Socialism or Japanese Imperialism.”

McCarthy also said, “Sharia is not compatible with the U.S. Constitution. In fact, the forces of Sharia have been at war with non-Muslims for 1,400 years and the United States of America for 200 years. While the most recent campaign to impose this totalitarian code began in the late 20th Century, it is but the latest in a historical record of offensive warfare that stretches back to the origins of Islam itself.”

The transition to a Muslim nation is under way in America and very few realize it yet. With a new Muslim government in place the prospect of an American Republic ever rising again would be small and insure the global elite would not have to worry about this type of distraction. Once the nation succumbs to the planned destruction of its primary systems it will be ripe for transformation.

The destruction of the currency system, manufacturing base, freedoms defined in the Bill of Rights, Christian beliefs such as the institution of marriage, self sufficiency and property rights, will ensure the self determination of the population will be sufficiently broken to accept whatever system is imposed on them. This is where we are headed.

There are many rumors floating around about actions being taken by the government and equipment being purchased. When put into the context of America becoming a Muslim nation it would seem a reasonable assumption that the new government would round up and eventually eliminate all Christians in a manner that might require the use of guillotines as an execution method. In that light, the rumors take on a new urgency.

For those that follow bible prophecy the aforementioned may seem like a reasonable explanation of the things we are now witnessing. There are some future events to watch for that would reinforce this idea. Some of these things are already visible but will increase.

Immigration reform that allows large numbers of Muslim refugees into the country

The increasing use of Sharia law in predominately Muslim communities

The loss of freedom to speak out against Islam in the U.S.

Special rights for Muslims

Increasing education of and use of Islam in schools across the nation

The increasing rejection of Christian beliefs in the U.S

The destruction of Christian churches in the U.S. physically and legally

The outlawing of Christian symbols in public

Increasing crimes against Christians by Muslims

Persecution of Christians by government agencies

While this scenario could very well end the nation as we know it forever, it is my personal belief that the American way of life will prevail, but not before a long and bloody fight has enveloped this nation and years of strife have renewed this nations’ resolve. Only when the nation has regained its’ moral compass and rule of law will it be capable of rebuilding itself. Only when it has regained its’ spirituality will this be possible.

Is America Destined to Fight the Next Crusade?

By: Tom Chatham

There were seven crusades fought between 1095 and 1291 between the Christian west and the Muslim east. In 1071 the defeat at the Battle of Manzikert opened Asia Minor to the control of the Turks. The Byzantine Empire was on the verge of collapse with it’s treasury bankrupt, it’s army poorly deployed and it’s Emperor ineffective.

There has always been a rivalry between these two religions and it is not over yet. Both seek to dominate the world and it appears the next major war may be the next crusade in practice if not in name. But this time instead of trying to recapture the holy land it will be for the very survival of Christians everywhere.

It has been noted that every American war since the 1990’s have apparently been in the attempt to reestablish the former Ottoman Empire and reestablish Islamic rule over these areas under one government or Caliphate. When one looks at a map of all of the recent uprisings and wars it does lend credence to this theory. The question remains, why would America want to rebuild this empire with approving undertones from Germany?

At the same time we have a government that is riddled with Muslim Brotherhood operatives at high levels. These operatives are currently guiding government policy and have access to our nations most classified information. In an April interview, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Tx) suggested that members of the Muslim Brotherhood have infiltrated the Obama administration and are influencing the U.S. to ignore “Radical Islam’s” war against us. He also suggested that the Muslim Brotherhood may be directly influencing decisions by President Obama.

It is evident to anyone who is observant that there seems to be a war against Christians taking place in this country. For a nation that was founded on Christian beliefs, this is a bit unnerving and makes one wonder why Americans would want to destroy our Christian heritage.

According to one source, a senior UN official has stated that America would be a Muslim nation before the end of President Obamas’ term. This ties in with the Presidents assertion in his first term that America is no longer a Christian nation even though most Americans affiliate themselves with the Christian faith. It has also been suggested that the current immigration bill is the first step to pave the way for a future bill giving amnesty to millions of Muslims that may immigrate here in the next few years.

In school districts nationwide the practice of Islam in public schools is being promoted while the practice of Christianity is being suppressed and villanized by organizations such as CAIR. Muslim populations across the nation are seeking to Islamize entire cities and institute Shariah law while the government seeks to remove Christian beliefs from every sector that the government has under its control.

In a former post I suggested that the Muslim Brotherhood was attempting to convert the U.S. into a Muslim nation and was using the liberals in this country as an avenue to achieve that end. I also said I believe the Muslims will rid themselves of the liberals when they are done with them.

With all of the recent scandals emerging from the current administration the liberal press seems to be turning on them. Are the liberals in this country waking up to the potential threat or is this just two factions of the elite at war with one another? It is a foregone conclusion that the liberal press would not dare turn on this administration unless they had been given marching orders from some entity higher than the President.

The Muslim influence in our government is setting the stage for a mass campaign against loyal and patriotic Americans and is currently engaged in a massive surveillance campaign to identify all of the Americans that could possibly stop this domestic threat to our nation by subversive forces. When war comes to this nation it may very well be an Islamic plot to seize control here. If you think a Muslim nation with one or two nuclear bombs is dangerous, what would happen if they had control of the thousands that we have?

The hostilities that are being created between the government and the American people may manifest themselves as the next crusade against Islam. This time though, the Christians will not have a home to go to if they lose. It is likely they will be killed outright before the war is over. Muslims have not hidden their desires to eliminate Christians from the Earth. The recent Christian mass slayings in the Mid-East give a clear picture of what awaits here if this is the future we find ourselves in. If this is our future it will be bloody and without mercy and Americans had better prepare themselves for that.

Happiness Is No Government or Leaders?

By: Tom Chatham

The arguments I have heard for this are numerous. I don’t need anyone telling me what to do. We can all come together and make a decision when necessary. No government means no problems. I can take care of myself, I don’t need them.

It is naive to think that there are no leaders in life and should not be. Even in a single family household, there is a head of the household that makes final decisions for the benefit of the whole house. This person can be male or female but their leadership in the home is unquestioned.

Even if a community is free of organized leaders what happens when they come under assault from natural disasters or hostile persons. And yes, believe it or not there will always be hostile people in the world who want to take what you have and Mother Nature has no schedules to keep and all of eternity to operate. How do you defend against these threats? The logical conclusion is to form a civil defense group or militia of the community. But in the event of hostile action is this militia leaderless? Do all of the members act individually to fight the threat? Do 100 militia members go off in 100 different directions to fight the enemy as they see fit because they each rule over themselves?

In life natural leaders will arise that people will follow. It is inevitable. These leaders may be evil in their intent or they may be honest but they are followed because they exude knowledge or a take charge attitude that others lack. Leadership can be good or bad depending on the person and direction they are leading people.

You don’t need someone telling you what crops to plant this year or how to raise your children. Leadership of large groups is not necessary on a daily basis at an individual level but more important when there are situations that affect the whole group.

Leaders help direct the larger group to work together to overcome situations that the individual cannot handle alone and be successful. It may be defense of the community from hostile persons, a natural disaster that they must prepare for or the building of infrastructure for the community that everyone wants and what about the rule of law? Who decides what is legal and illegal? Who enforces the laws that the community imposes on itself? Someone must be in charge of judicial process in the event of disputes.

There are those that see a new revolution in America as a way to eliminate all central power and insure individual freedom. Central power does not have to exist to the exclusion of individual liberty. The rule of law is the key to maintaining the shackles on central power but when the rule of law is usurped and the people do nothing to stop it individual freedom suffers. A Republic is based on rule of law but a Democracy is based on mob rule and that is where we have gone wrong. We are a Republic not a Democracy.

The constitution did not fail us but rather the usurpers that were elected as leaders. The leaders we now have did not arise because of leadership traits but due to the purchase of their office by the sale of votes from a willing electorate. Our current corrupt leaders are a direct reflection of the people who put them in office. It is impossible to replace the bums because the co-opted voters will just replace them with more bums. So what do we do? How do we remove the corrupt leaders without installing more corrupt leaders? It is inevitable that should we devolve into individual communities with no central leadership the co-opted masses will unite and eventually seek to control the free individual communities by force. The American Civil War is proof of that. The co-opted masses are the problem in this country and there is no clear way to deal with them. Until we figure this out the path ahead is murky at best.

The American Indians had a good life and much individual freedom but when confronted with an organized army they were wiped out. If the many Indian tribes had come together sooner to fight this threat there may have been a different outcome. The fact that individual tribes acted individually insured their demise. This is the lesson of decentralized communities acting alone with no central leadership.

There are those that would say we could just appoint a leader when the need arises but the preparedness of men either individually or as a collective force requires constant training to be effective and that takes time you will not have when suddenly confronted with a threat. That is why the second amendment alludes to a well regulated militia. When a crisis unfolds the minimum amount of forces should be used but at times it may require multiple communities at the state or national level. When this happens there is no time to argue over who is in charge. There must already exist a chain of command to fill this leadership role.

The elimination of a centralized government and a constitution would reduce our nation to many individual tribes to be conquered just like the Indians. As long as there are those in the world that seek complete control there will always be a need for some degree of centralized power to protect individual rights. The questions remain, how do we rid ourselves of the current government oppression and what do we replace it with? Once you eliminate the current structure what do you do about the co-opted electorate that will seek to replace it with the same thing? People speak of civil wars and revolutions but then what is the plan for afterwards? We dare not destroy what we have until we know what will follow it. Unfortunately many people have not thought that far ahead.

Old Cherokee Indian philosophy-

When the white man discovered this country Indians were running it, no taxes or debt, women did all the work. White man thought he could improve on a system like that.

The Truth

By: Tom Chatham

What is it that we should consider the greatest virtue of men? Is it courage, honor, brilliance, strength or perhaps loyalty? These are all important but there is another that the lack of can imperil men and destroy empires faster than anything. It is the truth. The truth must be the most important virtue because when a man lies he murders some part of the world.

The truth illuminates and empowers while lies breed darkness and despair. Lies infect and breed cankerous wounds that can never be healed. They infect all they touch with a rot that leaves a stench you can never wash off.

Americans often joke and laugh about the lies politicians tell. It never occurs to most that they are laughing at the means to their own destruction. Every time a politician lies to the people they murder someone by one means or another. It takes the shape of corrupt laws or regulations or unjust orders.

A free people cannot remain free and prosperous when they are subjected to a continuous bombardment of lies that they rely on as the truth and depend on to ensure their continued existence. As the lies grow so grows the pile of bodies that act as a reminder of what we should hold dear and sacred.

What are we to expect when a growing majority of the population hold untruths and immorality as a virtue and elect those that exemplify those characteristics that represent the majority. The truth will set you free but lies will put you in bondage eventually. Lies are the bitter narcotic that we chomp at to ease the burden of doing the right thing which is often more difficult.

The end of a nation is not brought on by the fall of its currency or the demise of its manufacturing but the untruths it lives by. When a nation tries to fool itself with falsehoods as a means to correct its problems it can never recover.

Only when a nation looks at itself in the mirror and admits the truth to itself can it begin to recover some of what it has lost. Until that occurs no amount of lies will prevent the darkness it brings upon itself. No amount of lies can fix a problem permanently.

When a politician lies it is always evident because they are left with the death and destruction that cannot be hidden from view. As long as the people are content to step over the bodies in an effort to continue their daily routine it will never end. As the politicians lie to us we lie to ourselves to justify the mirage we want to believe.

When a man lies he murders some part of the world and it does not matter if that lie is to himself or another, the damage is the same. Until the truth is once again the most sought after virtue, men will continue to stumble in the darkness and the bodies will continue to accumulate. Every new lie is a new body we must climb over in our struggle to reach the light. The lies breed darkness and the trouble with the darkness is, you can never see the cliff ahead until it is too late.

The Bread and Circuses of Failed States

By: Tom Chatham

It’s now official. America is a failed nation. How do I know this? It’s the same thing Rome went through when it decayed into nothingness.

The past few years have seen the food stamp program go from just over 26 million to almost 50 million. The people are becoming increasingly impoverished and the state throws them bread to maintain order. Very few notice and no one cares as long as they get what they need to survive. When the bread is not enough something else must be introduced to the situation to keep people occupied.

The most recent incident that verifies the decay we are experiencing is the nationwide show initiated by the Boston bombing. The bombing is not the item to focus on but the public reaction is. As the police began their investigation the media did everything they could to direct the blame to innocent parties even before the evidence provided any answers to the perpetrators identity.

The media built a ground swell of insinuations and accusations to get the masses worked up leading to the main event. When the guilty parties were discovered the real games began. Like a scene right out of ancient Rome the crowd gathered around to view the chase and eventual carnage. They cheered on the police from the comfort of their homes and watched with bated breath for the next engagement to begin.

As the blood began to flow the masses were worked up into a frenzy until the final scene where the victors dragged off the surviving enemy to the cheers and chants of the people. Few bother to question the official narrative even though it keeps changing. The outrage at the bombing and the casualties are ignored to recount the fight scenes people can’t get enough of. This is what public consumption has devolved to. Just a simple act of holiday violence.

When the pursuit of justice is devalued to nothing more than a spectator sport to be cheered at, the morals of that nation have decayed to levels that are virtually unrecoverable by the masses. While it is a good feeling to know a dangerous person is taken off the street, to use that incident as nothing more than a distraction to divert public attention from more serious matters of state is a clear sign of failure in government.

We can look forward to more spectacles of this nature in the future as the nation continues its’ decent into third world status. When the blood sports on the streets become boring to the masses it will be time to lock everything down to maintain control. This is what a failed state looks like just before the end comes. Those that see the current events for what they really are should take heed and prepare for the worst.

When the bread and circuses run out it will be over and a new reality show will begin. It will be called survival of the best prepared. It is a game the masses are not prepared to play but when it comes they will be forced participants in it. We don’t know how this episode will end but history gives us a good idea and it is not pretty.


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